Argentina v Canada: Clash of the Titans in Copa América Semis;Mets' Bold Move: Early Trade Deadline时长0:16:47

节目标题:Argentina v Canada: Clash of the Titans in Copa América Semis;Mets’ Bold Move: Early Trade Deadline
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《sports briefing》 program! Today, we’ve got some thrilling updates for you. First up, Argentina and Canada are set to face off in the Copa América semi-finals. It’s Canada’s first time making it this far, and they’re up against the tournament favorites, Argentina. Can Canada pull off an upset? Stay tuned to find out! Next, the Mets made a surprising early trade for Tampa Bay reliever Phil Maton. Could this be a sign of an earlier trade deadline season in MLB? The move has certainly caught the attention of rival executives and scouts. And finally, Klay Thompson is now a Maverick! Luka Dončić couldn’t be more excited, and he even sent Thompson a text expressing his enthusiasm. Will this new duo bring the Mavericks to new heights? Please continue to watch for detailed coverage of these stories and more.

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