Canada and Venezuela Make Semi-Finals Splash;Serena Williams Salutes Andy Murray's Advocacy;Cristian时长0:16:8

节目标题:Canada and Venezuela Make Semi-Finals Splash;Serena Williams Salutes Andy Murray’s Advocacy;Cristian
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《sports briefing》 program! Today, we’ve got some thrilling updates from the world of sports. First up, Canada and Venezuela have both secured their spots in the Copa America semi-finals with narrow victories. Canada edged out Venezuela 1-0, while Venezuela triumphed over Brazil by the same scoreline. Both teams are now set to face Argentina in what promises to be exciting semi-final matches. Next, tennis legend Serena Williams has publicly thanked Andy Murray for his unwavering support of women in tennis. Murray, who is playing in his final Wimbledon, has been a vocal advocate for gender equality in the sport, and Williams expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt social media post. Finally, in a dramatic twist at the Euro 2024 quarter-finals, Portugal’s defeat to France was marred by Cristiano Ronaldo’s overwhelming presence. The article suggests that Ronaldo’s ego and dominance on the field hindered Portugal’s team cohesion, ultimately costing them the match. Please stay tuned for detailed coverage of these stories and more!

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