China's AI Startups Sprint as Alibaba Slashes Prices;NATO's Space Plan to Back Up the Internet;Robot时长0:13:36

节目标题:China’s AI Startups Sprint as Alibaba Slashes Prices;NATO’s Space Plan to Back Up the Internet;Robot
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《Science and Technology Briefing》 program! Today, we’re diving into some fascinating developments in the world of tech and science. First up, Chinese AI startups are in a race against time to secure customers amid fierce competition and price cuts from tech giants like Alibaba. It’s a high-stakes game where innovation meets market pressure. Next, NATO is stepping up its game to ensure the internet stays resilient, even in the face of potential attacks on subsea cables. They’re funding a project to reroute internet traffic via satellites—talk about thinking outside the box! And finally, Chinese researchers are testing six-legged robot ‘guide dogs’ that could revolutionize the lives of the visually impaired. These high-tech helpers are equipped with cameras, sensors, and voice recognition to navigate the world safely. Please stay tuned for the detailed coverage of these exciting stories.

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