China's Cooking Oil Crisis;Singapore Bites Into Bugs;Sudanese Photographer's Daring Escape:Gourmet B时长0:0:0

节目标题:China’s Cooking Oil Crisis;Singapore Bites Into Bugs;Sudanese Photographer’s Daring Escape:Gourmet B
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《Gourmet Briefing》 program! Today, we’ve got some sizzling stories for you. First up, China is grappling with a shocking cooking oil scandal where tankers used for fuel and chemicals were also transporting cooking oil without cleaning. This has led to a major investigation and a plunge in shares for a leading oil supplier. Stay tuned for more on how this is impacting consumer trust and food safety in China.

Next, Singapore is taking a crunchy leap into the future by approving 16 types of insects for human consumption! From crickets to mealworms, the city-state is diversifying its food sources to ensure food security. We’ll dive into how these creepy crawlies could become the next big thing on your dinner plate.

Lastly, we have a gripping tale from Sudan. Photojournalist Mohamed Zakaria undertook an 11-day trek through war-torn regions to escape the conflict. His journey through numerous checkpoints and harrowing experiences is nothing short of heroic. We’ll explore his story and his dreams of returning to Sudan to teach filmmaking.

Please stay tuned for the detailed content!

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