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‘What they brought was so rare and special.’ Linda, Cindy, Naomi and Christy finally tell their stories in ‘The Super Models’

The Toronto Star

23-09-19 20:25

A four-part docuseries called "The Super Models" featuring Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington is set to premiere on Apple TV Plus on September 20. The series takes a look back at the careers and lives of these iconic supermodels who dominated the fashion industry in the 1980s and 1990s. The series includes interviews with the models themselves as well as designers, fashion journalists, and other industry insiders who witnessed the rise of the supermodels. The docuseries explores the triumphs and struggles of these women both during their heyday and in the years since. The series also delves into the impact and influence that the supermodels had on the fashion industry and popular culture. The supermodels are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, with all four appearing on the cover of Vogue and headlining the Vogue World runway show during London Fashion Week. The series aims to shed light on their careers and the lasting impact they have had on the fashion industry.
Helena Christensen: ‘It’s more fun modelling at 54 than when I was 20’


23-09-19 20:00

Helena Christensen, the supermodel who rose to fame in the 1990s, has revealed her secrets to staying radiant at 54. Christensen credits her love for nature and the outdoors as the key to feeling good and looking beautiful. She enjoys activities such as swimming in rivers and oceans, cooking, hiking, and watching the changing seasons. She also stays grounded by taking cold-water swims, which she documents on Instagram for her 1.1 million followers. Christensen avoids discussing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, preferring to focus on healthy living and unique recipes. She also has a passion for vintage underwear and has collected pieces since she was 13 years old. Christensen has modelled for lingerie brand Coco de Mer and now uses her photography skills to shoot for the brand. Throughout her career, Christensen has followed her own path and values her friendships with fellow supermodels Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington. She describes them as a close group of friends who share a unique experience in the fashion world.
How Birkenstock got us to step down from our high heels, to the tune of over $8 billion

The Toronto Star

23-09-19 19:33

German shoe brand Birkenstock has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange, with an estimated valuation of over $8bn. Luxury titan Bernard Arnault of LVMH holds a majority stake. In 2022, sales exceeded $1.7bn. Birkenstock’s CEO Oliver Reichert called the company “the world’s oldest startup” and claimed it is addressing “a primal need of all human beings." The brand has gone from being seen as “crunchy” to gaining acceptance from the fashion industry.
The 12 London Fashion Week catwalk looks that you can wear in real life


23-09-19 19:33

The latest round of London Fashion Week showcased wearable clothes that can be added to wardrobes immediately. The emphasis was on freshening up looks through clever styling rather than introducing new trends. For example, lightweight coordinated coat and dress combinations were seen as a more versatile and modern take on the cape dress. Metallic silver was a prevalent theme, with designers injecting glistening metallics into their collections. Tops and dresses with directional necklines were also showcased, adding elegance to any outfit. Structured party dresses with wide skirts were presented as an alternative to body-con looks. The combination of slouchy knits, polo shirts, and vest tops with polished metal sequins and glittering paillettes was showcased as a more toned-down party look. Trench coats were also highlighted as a style staple that will never go out of fashion. The emphasis was on bold splashes of striking hues, with bright shades and silk dresses being recommended. Coats with decorative elements were showcased as a way to add instant drama to an outfit. Pleated skirts were presented as modern and stylish when paired with a co-ordinating shirt and blazer. The article also recommended switching up the way shoulder bags are held and elevating the style of white shirts. Finally, layering ladylike cardigans was recommended to create a prim and stylish look.
Japan's 'yukata' boom is more than a fashion statement

Nikkei Asia

23-09-19 23:00

The yukata, the simplest form of traditional Japanese kimono, could be revived for daily use through modern reinterpretation, according to Nobuko Kobayashi, a Tokyo-based management consultant. Yukatas are already popular as cosplay items, but Kobayashi argues that they should be recognised as embodying slow fashion, or the antithesis of fast fashion. They are appropriate for Japan's hot summers, and the author praises their simplicity, bold patterns and longevity. Kobayashi concludes that the yukata should be exported to the world.
Anti-obesity drugs can shrink more than patients

Reuters BreakingViews

23-09-21 00:29

The development of effective weight-loss drugs such as Wegovy by Novo Nordisk and Mounjaro by Eli Lilly could have a transformative impact on public health, but it may also hurt companies in the medical, food, and fitness industries, as well as other activities such as drinking and gambling. The drugs work by reducing appetite and helping people feel fuller for longer. Sales of these drugs are already soaring, with Novo selling nearly $2.5 billion worth of Wegovy and Ozempic, its treatment for people with diabetes, in 2021. Analysts expect this figure to reach $16 billion by 2027. However, the drugs' ability to suppress appetite has the potential to affect food and beverage companies such as Nestlé, Mondelez International, and Kraft Heinz, as well as fast-food chains like McDonald's and Burger King. The medical industry may also be affected, as over 40% of Americans are obese and obesity is associated with various health conditions. However, the adoption of anti-obesity drugs remains uncertain due to their high cost and harsh side effects.
Live Markets Government borrowing rises in blow to tax cut hopes - latest updates


23-09-21 07:08

The pound has fallen to its lowest level since April as markets await the Bank of England's decision on interest rates. Traders are giving a 50-50 chance of a rate hike to 5.5%, the highest since February 2008, compared to an 80% chance predicted on Monday. This follows a surprise fall in inflation figures this week. The FTSE 100 was down 0.4% after the US Federal Reserve indicated rates could remain higher for longer. The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee is divided on what to do with interest rates.

Norway’s central bank has raised its rates for the 13th time in two years, with one more hike “likely” in December. The bank increased the rate to 4.25% after August’s annual inflation rate fell to 6.3% from June’s 7%. The pound fell to its lowest level in six months ahead of the Bank of England’s decision on interest rates. The pound fell to 0.3%, its lowest level since March. The Swiss National Bank has left its interest rates unchanged at 1.75%, but warned that further increases may still be needed.

The FTSE 100 has fallen ahead of the Bank of England’s decision on whether to raise interest rates, dipping 0.5% to 7,692.33. The FTSE 250 has dropped 0.4% to 18,635.90. Toshiba is set to be taken private as a Japanese consortium has completed a £11bn tender offer. The company will be delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange within a month. Government borrowing has been lower than forecast, with self-assessment tax receipts of £13.3bn for July and August, £0.9bn more than predicted by the Office for Budget Responsibility. The Treasury borrowed £11.6bn in August, £1.4bn below the forecast by the OBR but the fourth highest August borrowing figure since 1993.

Why the ancient craft of lace making is alive and well


23-09-21 11:29

Fashion brand Max Mara has partnered with Caudry lace makers, Dentelles André Laude, to create a limited edition collection of bags. The bags are made from Dentelle de Calais-Caudry lace and each one is handcrafted by skilled artisans, many of whom are sixth or seventh-generation lace makers. Lace making has been a trade in France for several generations and Dentelles André Laude has provided lace for many famous fashion houses, including Chanel, Givenchy, and Valentino. However, the intricate process of lace making is difficult to learn and it can take up to 10 years to gain the necessary skills to operate the looms used in the process. The Pasticcino bags are made in a range of colours and patterns and will be sold across the world.
MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Benetton reaches across generations with mix-matched florals and fruity motifs

Associated Press

23-09-21 16:25

Benetton showcased its new co-ed, generation-spanning collection for Spring-Summer 2024 at Milan Fashion Week. The collection features bright monochromes, strawberry and banana motifs, and floral prints, with denim accents. The aim of the collection is to provide elevated basics for colorful dressers. The designer, Andrea Incontri, wants the wearers to feel iconic and express themselves with style.
Peter Nygard pleads not guilty as Toronto sexual-assault trial begins


23-09-21 15:46

Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him in his Toronto sexual assault case. The 82-year-old founder of Nygard International is facing five counts of sexual assault and one count of forcible confinement, reduced from the original 11 charges. Nygard is accused of using his position in the fashion industry to lure women and girls. Jury selection is expected to be completed this week, with arguments set to begin next week. Nygard has denied all allegations and stepped down as chairman of his clothing company in 2020 before it filed for bankruptcy.
Six ways innovators are making fashion more sustainable

The Toronto Star

23-09-21 15:45

The fashion industry has made significant strides in recent years towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Six innovations highlighted in a Toronto Star article include: sustainable activewear, carbon emissions reduction, waste reduction, alternative leather, textile recycling, and encouraging consumers to reuse and repair clothing. For example, Lululemon has started using nylon derived from plant sugars in some of its clothing, aiming to replace most oil-based nylon with plant-derived alternatives by 2030. Holt Renfrew, a Canadian retailer, has pledged to become a net-zero business by 2040, and has already achieved a 5% reduction in carbon emissions by converting fluorescent lights to LEDs and upgrading air conditioning systems. MycoFutures, on the other hand, is a Canadian company that uses mycelium to create accessories such as wallets and notebook covers. Mycelium is the root system of mushrooms. Textile recycling has also been embraced by some fashion retailers, including Zara and UNIQLO, who have introduced recycling programs to put used clothing to good use. Finally, encouraging consumers to reuse and repair clothing is being promoted by organizations such as Fashion Takes Action, which offers educational workshops and programming to help educate young consumers about responsible consumption.
Gen Z seeing red: What launched a fruity fashionista craze – and its backlash

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-09-22 05:56

The Tomato Girl Summer trend has emerged on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The trend involves outfits featuring tomatoes, with Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana leading the way with tomato-themed clothing. The trend is characterized by vibrant shades of red and holiday-inspired outfits suitable for warm weather destinations. Searches for linen trousers and woven bags suitable for tomatoes have seen a significant increase. The trend is seen as a rebellion against minimalist fashion and a shift towards more colorful and bold styles.
RYDER CUP ’23: A rarity in the golf world. A woman is the course superintendent

Associated Press

23-09-22 08:23

Lara Arias, the course superintendent at the Marco Simone golf club in Italy, is set to become a trailblazer for women in the industry as the club prepares to host the Ryder Cup. Women currently account for only 2% of the superintendents registered with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. However, Cleaver, the executive officer of the Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations, noted that there are a number of female superintendents in Finland, Spain and Sweden. Arias, a Spaniard, believes her role will have a positive impact and hopes that it will encourage more golf clubs to hire female superintendents. The Marco Simone golf club was practically one big pile of dirt when Arias started her job due to a redesign project. However, the course was completed in December 2020 and has since hosted three Italian Opens. The Ryder Cup will be the third event to be held on the course.
MILAN FASHION PHOTOS: Sharon Stone takes front row at Tod’s show celebrating Italian craftsmanship

Associated Press

23-09-22 11:45

Rainy weather in Milan forced fashion houses to find indoor locations for their runway shows during Milan Fashion Week. One of the shows affected was Tod's, where designer Walter Chiapponi presented his final collection before moving on from the brand. The collection focused on essential luxury, featuring clean lines and muted monochromatic colors. Leather goods, such as wide belts and handbags, played a starring role. The collection also included deconstructed tailoring and fine knit dresses. The show took place in a workshop filled with classical statues and painted backdrops, emphasizing Tod's fusion of traditional craftsmanship and technology. Chiapponi was celebrated backstage, and an announcement on his successor is forthcoming.
This British staple has had a glossy Prada makeover


23-09-22 11:44

Milanese fashion brand Prada has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to its co-creative director Raf Simons, who joined the brand in 2021. Simons seems to have found his place within the brand, and the recent collection showcased a blend of functionality and luxury. Prada's strength has always been in its ability to serve up the unexpected, and this collection was no different, with metallic fringed pencil skirts and sheer pencil skirts paired with functional jackets. The brand's ability to make the bourgeois seem subversive and edgy is what sets it apart from other luxury labels.
Lizzo sued again over bullying and harassment


23-09-22 17:01

Lizzo has been sued for the second time this year by a former employee who claims she oversaw an 'unsafe, sexually charged workplace culture'. The employee, fashion designer Asha Daniels, accused Lizzo's wardrobe manager of making 'racist and fatphobic' comments and mocking black women in the entourage. Lizzo was named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed in LA on Thursday, but was not directly accused of harassment. Lizzo's spokesperson called the case an 'absurd publicity stunt'. This lawsuit follows allegations made by three of Lizzo's former tour dancers who sued the star in August over claims of sexual harassment and weight-shaming.
Animal activist storms Gucci catwalk at Milan Fashion Week


23-09-22 15:50

A woman disrupted a Gucci fashion show in Milan to protest against the use of animal fur. The woman, believed to be a member of animal welfare organization Peta, stormed onto the catwalk holding a sign that read "Ban Exotic Skins" in Italian. She was quickly led away by a security guard. Milan is currently hosting various fashion shows as part of its bi-annual fashion week. The event marks the third leg of the Spring/Summer 2024 catwalk calendar, with previous stops in New York, London, and Paris.
Influencer defends defends skinny jeans from Gen-Z critics

The Independent

23-09-22 22:13

Fashion influencer Wisdom Kaye has defended skinny jeans from criticism by younger generations. Kaye responded to a TikTok video in which Gen-Zers expressed their dislike for the denim style, stating that the "hate is stupid" and that skinny jeans can be styled in an updated way. Kaye argued that fashion trends are constantly evolving and that hating on skinny jeans for being outdated is itself outdated. Viewers agreed that the debate between skinny and baggy jeans depends on how the items are styled, with some suggesting that people are only criticizing skinny jeans for the sake of trendiness.
The new Gucci, not so tone deaf this time


23-09-22 19:55

Sabato de Sarno has debuted as creative director at Gucci after his predecessor Alessandro Michele left his role in November 2020. De Sarno's first collection was a modern but classic look for the Italian brand, with a focus on Gucci's heritage and craftsmanship. The collection featured bold colours and glittering embellishments, and brought back some of the brand's iconic pieces such as the Horsebit loafers and Jackie and Bamboo handbags. De Sarno said he wants to bring back the Italianity of the brand.
Father recreates Beyoncé’s dress for daughter to wear at concert

The Independent

23-09-22 19:10

A TikToker named Geselle Valera revealed how her father, Jose Peralta, made her a replica outfit of one of Beyoncé’s tour looks for the "Renaissance World Tour" show. Valera and her cousin were struggling to find the perfect outfit for the concert until Peralta had the idea to reconfigure a dress that looked similar to one Beyoncé had worn in Stockholm. Valera shared behind-the-scenes footage of her father making the outfit, which gained over 1.1 million views on TikTok. Peralta has been sewing since he was 13 and used tailoring jobs to support his children's education.