Geneticists Turn to Pets for Breakthroughs;Morgan Freeman Battles AI Voice Scam;Green Tech Collabora时长0:13:59

节目标题:Geneticists Turn to Pets for Breakthroughs;Morgan Freeman Battles AI Voice Scam;Green Tech Collabora
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《Science and Technology Briefing》 program! Today, we’ve got some fascinating stories lined up for you. First off, scientists are diving into the world of pets, with geneticists sequencing the genomes of dogs and cats to uncover insights that could benefit both animals and humans. This exciting research is shedding light on everything from disease susceptibility to canine cognition and behavior. It’s a long-overdue focus, given how integral our furry friends have been to human life for millennia. Next up, the legendary Morgan Freeman is taking a stand against unauthorized AI imitations of his iconic voice. The actor has thanked fans for their vigilance in spotting these scams and is calling for authenticity and integrity in the use of AI technologies. This follows similar concerns raised by Scarlett Johansson and highlights the growing issue of AI-generated deepfakes in the entertainment industry. And finally, in a bid to tackle climate change, battery supplier Leoch International Technology is teaming up with green tech start-up GRST, a recent Earthshot Prize winner, to commercialize sustainable battery technology. With the lithium-ion battery market expected to skyrocket in the coming years, this partnership aims to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly energy solutions. Please stay tuned for more details on these stories.

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