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节目标题:Japan Stocks Surge Ahead of Powell’s Testimony: Market Buzz;Hong Kong’s Ride-Hailing Shake-Up: What
节目介绍:Welcome to our Hong Kong Brief program! Today, we have some exciting updates for you. First, Japanese stocks are on the rise, leading the gains in Asia as semiconductor-related shares follow their US counterparts. Investors are eagerly waiting for Jerome Powell’s testimony to Congress, which could have significant implications for the market. Next, the Hong Kong government has unveiled new proposals for regulating ride-hailing services like Uber. These proposals include tougher penalties for illegal services and the introduction of licensing to regulate platforms. However, most Uber services will remain illegal until at least the second half of 2025. Uber has welcomed the move but is calling for a ‘workable’ licensing regime. Lastly, Hong Kong stocks are experiencing a decline ahead of the release of China’s inflation report. The Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng Tech Index both dropped 0.4%, while the Shanghai Composite Index retreated 0.1%. This report could indicate weak domestic demand and factory gate deflation. Please stay tuned for the detailed coverage!

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