Kenya's Farms Drowned by Climate Chaos;Hong Kong's Rental Frenzy: Prices Skyrocket;Degrees Out, Skil时长0:12:44

节目标题:Kenya’s Farms Drowned by Climate Chaos;Hong Kong’s Rental Frenzy: Prices Skyrocket;Degrees Out, Skil
节目介绍:Welcome to our show, the ‘Science and Technology Briefing’! Today, we have some riveting news stories lined up for you. First up, Kenya is grappling with disastrous flooding that has not only claimed lives but also devastated its critical agricultural sector. The heavy rains, attributed to climate change, have wiped out crops and left dams at unprecedented levels, exposing the government’s lack of preparedness. However, farmers who took precautions are faring better, highlighting the need for more robust measures against soil erosion and other climate impacts.

Next, we head to Hong Kong, where rental prices are soaring as students and professionals fiercely compete for limited living spaces. The average rent per square foot has seen a noticeable uptick, and this trend is expected to continue into next year. Interestingly, while rental prices climb, property sales are plummeting, leading to a unique dynamic in the real estate market.

Finally, we take a look at the evolving job market in Australia. Tech companies like Canva and WiseTech Global are shifting their focus from traditional degrees to practical skills. By removing educational requirements from job descriptions, these firms aim to create more diverse teams and address the labor crunch in the tech industry. This new approach also seeks to narrow the gender gap, making the tech sector more inclusive. Please stay tuned for detailed coverage of these stories!

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