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节目标题:Modi and Putin’s High-Stakes Moscow Meeting;Indian Families Demand Justice for Duped Soldiers;Modi’s
节目介绍:Welcome to our Modi Briefing program, I’m your host: Liang Jun. Today, we dive into Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s significant visit to Russia, where he is set to meet President Vladimir Putin. This visit marks Modi’s first trip to Russia since the Ukraine invasion began, and it’s expected to focus on discussing a peaceful resolution to the conflict, among other pressing issues. The stakes are high as both leaders navigate their countries’ strategic interests and diplomatic relations.

In a related development, families of Indian men allegedly tricked into fighting for Russia are urging Modi to press for their return. These individuals were promised lucrative jobs in Moscow but ended up on the front lines in Ukraine. With at least four deaths reported, the families are hoping Modi’s discussions with Putin will lead to their loved ones’ safe return. This issue highlights the complex human dimensions of international conflicts and the responsibilities of global leaders.

Lastly, Modi’s visit isn’t just about diplomacy; it’s also about trade and defense. India relies heavily on Russian oil and military supplies, especially with Western sanctions limiting options. Modi is expected to discuss furthering defense cooperation and trade development, including the potential establishment of a maritime corridor between Chennai and Vladivostok. These talks are crucial for both nations as they seek to strengthen their economic and military ties while navigating a complicated geopolitical landscape. Please stay tuned for detailed coverage.