Navratilova's Battle to Save Women's Tennis: Gauff's Big Chance;Tour de France Stage 2: Puncheurs Re

标题:Navratilova’s Battle to Save Women’s Tennis: Gauff’s Big Chance;Tour de France Stage 2: Puncheurs Re
频道介绍:Welcome to our Travel Briefing show! Today, we’ve got some exciting news lined up for you. First up, tennis legend Martina Navratilova shares her story of fighting to save the women’s professional tennis tour in the 1980s and why she believes rising star Coco Gauff can win it all. Next, we preview Stage 2 of the Tour de France, where puncheurs are set to battle it out in Bologna after a grueling opening stage. Finally, we turn to the Caribbean, where Tropical Storm Beryl is forecast to strengthen into a major hurricane, putting several islands on high alert. Please stay tuned for more details!

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