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Parents are the primary caregivers and guardians responsible for nurturing and raising children. The role of parents varies across cultures, and while some may view it as a duty, others may see it as a privilege. Most commonly, parents are the biological or adoptive figures in a child’s life. They play a critical role in shaping their children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Biological and Adoptive Parenting

Biological parents are those who conceive and birth a child. In most cases, mothers give birth to children. Biological fathers, on the other hand, provide the sperm that fertilizes an egg to create a child. However, in some cases, sperm donors or surrogate mothers may also be involved in the process.

Adoptive parents, on the other hand, are those who legally adopt a child. Adoption can occur in two ways: domestic and international. Domestic adoption involves adopting a child who is a resident of the same country as the adoptive parents, whereas international adoption involves adopting a child from a foreign country.

The Role of Parents in Child Development

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s development in various ways, including providing food, shelter, clothing, and safety. They foster a sense of security and stability in their children’s lives, which is crucial for their emotional well-being.

Parents also help shape their children’s cognitive and language development by exposing them to new experiences and stimulating their brains with activities such as reading and engaging in conversation. Research has shown that early childhood experiences, particularly in the first year of life, can have a significant impact on a child’s brain development and their future success in school and beyond.

Parents also play a critical role in shaping their children’s social and emotional development. They model appropriate behavior and attitudes and help their children develop empathy, compassion, and social skills. Moreover, parents provide support and guidance, helping their children deal with emotional challenges, such as anxiety, sadness, and anger.

Challenges of Parenting

Parenting is a challenging and rewarding experience that requires a great deal of patience, dedication, and hard work. Raising children involves navigating through various stages of development, from infancy to adolescence and beyond.

Parents often face challenges such as balancing work and family life, providing for their children’s basic needs, and dealing with difficult behaviors and attitudes. Furthermore, some parents may face additional challenges, such as financial difficulties, divorce, illness, or disability, which can make parenting more challenging.

Uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting

Not all parents are able to provide the necessary support and care that their children need. Uninvolved or neglectful parents may not provide for their children’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, and safety, or may not be emotionally available to provide support and guidance.

The consequences of neglectful parenting can be severe and long-lasting, leading to developmental delays, poor academic performance, behavioral problems, and mental health issues.


Parents play a vital role in nurturing and raising children, shaping their physical, emotional, and cognitive development. They provide support, guidance, and a sense of security, which is crucial for their children’s well-being. However, parenting can be a challenging experience, and some parents may face additional challenges, such as financial difficulties, illness, or disability. Neglectful parenting can have severe and long-lasting consequences, highlighting the critical importance of parents’ role in child development.

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Russian woman convicted after leaving note on Putin’s parents’ grave

South China Morning Post

23-05-11 18:38

A Russian court has given a suspended two-year sentence to Irina Tsybaneva for desecrating burial places motivated by political hatred. The St Petersburg woman left a note on President Vladimir Putin's parents' grave, calling Putin a "freak and a killer". Putin's government has launched a crackdown on dissent unseen since the Soviet era, with fines and jail sentences imposed and critics branded as "foreign agents".
Russian woman who left note on grave of Putin’s parents convicted amid dissent crackdown

The Toronto Star

23-05-11 17:38

A court in St. Petersburg has handed a suspended sentence to a woman who left an offensive note on the graves of Russian President Vladimir Putin's parents. Irina Tsybaneva, 60, left a note on the guarded grave on the eve of Putin’s birthday in October 2021 that called Putin a "freak and a killer". She was found guilty of desecrating burial places which was motivated by political hatred. Her lawyer said she did not plead guilty because she did not physically desecrate the grave and did not seek publicity for her action. Although the note did not exist until the international tensions in Ukraine, the judge decided to treat the action as hostile to the state which has been cracking down on dissent.
Russian woman who left note on grave of Putin's parents convicted amid dissent crackdown

The Independent

23-05-11 17:36

A Russian court has given a St Petersburg woman a two-year suspended sentence for leaving a note on the graves of President Vladimir Putin's parents reading: “Parents of a maniac, take him to your place. He causes so much pain and trouble. The whole world prays for his death. Death to Putin. You raised a freak and a killer.” The court found Irina Tsybaneva guilty of desecrating burial places motivated by political hatred. Tsybaneva's lawyer stated that she had not pleaded guilty because she had not desecrated the grave physically or sought publicity for her action. Since Putin sent troops into Ukraine, the government has waged a crackdown on dissent unseen since the Soviet era. Jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny reported on Twitter that he had been returned to a solitary confinement punishment cell only a day after his release from one.
As camp costs rise, here’s how to survive summer break on a budget

The Globe and Mail

23-05-11 16:37

Parents in Canada face soaring costs for summer camps as demand spikes and fluctuating inflation rates take hold. In some cases, registration costs have risen as much as 10% compared to last year. The cost of food, utilities, insurance and travel have all increased substantially, as have staffing costs for some camps. To keep costs affordable, families can seek an early start in booking camps to avail of early bird offers, as well as look outside city boundaries to cheaper facilities and seek financial aid that is typically available but often not publicised.
Children 'distraught' after Sats reading paper


23-05-11 16:02

The reading paper of UK National Curriculum Sats, which pupils take at the age of 10, has reportedly been so difficult this year that children have ended up in tears. Some teachers have also struggled with the comprehension questions. Parents are concerned that childhood anxiety is being increased unnecessarily at a time when many children are already feeling vulnerable. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has promised to raise concerns about the test with the industry regulators.
The Stones and Brian Jones, review: absorbing reminder that it's not all about Mick and Keith


23-05-15 22:30

Nick Broomfield’s documentary "The Stones and Brian Jones" aims to restore its title character to his rightful place as a central figure in the story of The Rolling Stones. The film argues that Jones’s unhappiness and insecurity can be traced back to his failed relationship with his parents. It was suggested that the only member of the band to contribute to the film was Bill Wyman, as Broomfield possibly preferred it that way as the presence of Mick Jagger would dominate. The film uses a series of letters that Jones himself wrote to voice his thoughts on the situation. Overall, the documentary is an absorbing account of the life and personality of a troubled rock star.
Groups demand officials share information on Texas mall gunman’s motives

The Toronto Star

23-05-16 01:51

Members of several Texas groups representing people of color have demanded that authorities quickly acknowledge whether they believe the neo-Nazi who killed eight people at a Dallas-area mall over a week ago was racially motivated in choosing his victims. More than a week after the attack at the Allen Premium Outlets, authorities haven’t released any motive for the attack and is yet to confirm whether Garcia was racially motivated in choosing his victims. The incident has left minority communities frightened and worried, and they are calling for an urgent crackdown on hate crimes.
Women aren’t ‘forgetting’ to have children – it’s just become financially crippling to do so


23-05-16 07:00

The falling birth rate in the UK is concerning politicians and far-right groups, which could have serious long-term economic implications. Miriam Cates MP said at a conference last week that the falling birth rate posed a bigger threat to the West than Russia, China or climate change. However, the decline in fertility rates is due to a plethora of factors including the high costs of childcare, an inability to afford a home, and a shortage of men who want to parent. Countries like Norway and Sweden, which offer better childcare and have fewer gender disparities, have not experienced the same decline in birth rates.
Where Vegetarians Are Always Welcome

NY Times

23-05-16 20:00

Restaurants that don’t only cater to vegetarians, but which make vegetarian and non-meat dishes on par with meat dishes are becoming increasingly popular in New York City, according to a recent article. Writer Nikita Richardson lists several restaurants that excell in creating vegetable- and non-meat-based dishes that do not feel like a compromise, including Misi in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Superiority Burger in the East Village; and Israeli eatery Miriam, with locations in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and on the Upper West Side. Middle Eastern and North African restaurants also receive high praise for their produce-focus cuisine.
YouTube sends gun videos to 9-year-olds: ‘It’s not the kids. It’s the algorithms,’ study finds

Associated Press

23-05-16 19:00

Research by the Tech Transparency Project has found that YouTube's algorithms are recommending videos containing graphic gun violence to child users. Accounts that followed YouTube’s suggested videos received 382 different firearms-related videos in a month, while those that ignored the recommendations received only 34. Violent videos that violated the site's policies included video of school shootings, tactical gun training and how-to instructions on making firearms fully automatic. YouTube, owned by Google, has emphasised that identifying and removing harmful content is a priority but the Tech Transparency Project said its research showed that more investment was needed.
Public board alters stance on uniformed police officers


23-05-16 17:37

Ontario's Ottawa-Carleton District School Board will permit parents who are police officers to speak in assemblies, career fairs and bring-your-parent-to-school days in uniform. Last week, Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce wrote a memo instructing all public school boards in Ontario to allow parents to wear uniforms when appearing as guest speakers. The memo was in response to the board's temporary policy requiring police officers to change out of their uniforms when attending similar events. Trustees voted in favour of ending the presence of a student resource officer in schools, resulting in the policy.
Players in limbo after academy licences withdrawn


23-05-17 05:36

Following its review of the academy structure to ensure high-quality provision throughout Wales, the Football Association of Wales (FAW) has withdrawn licences for five academies and downgraded others. As a result, hundreds of players aged 12 to16 have been left with limited opportunities to continue playing academy football and parents are concerned that the number of grassroots teams will also be reduced. Taff's Well FC chairman, Lee Bridgeman, has argued that the removal of licences could be seen as a “draconian measure” because the clubs were given no action plans or support to help them improve their academies.
Uber to allow Canadian teens to set up ride-share accounts this summer

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 15:00

Uber has started allowing children aged between 13 and 17 to create passenger accounts as part of its growth strategy in Canada. Teen accounts will be launched first in Western Canada and Quebec, then in Ontario and Nova Scotia over the summer. The move represents a U-turn on a previous policy which prohibited under-18s from holding an Uber account or ordering a ride for an underage passenger unaccompanied by an adult. The company's Pin Verification and GPS will also allow for safe use of the service by teenagers.
New Hampshire House voting on whether parents who ask must be told about transgender talk at school

The Toronto Star

23-05-18 04:17

The New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote on a bill to create a “Parents’ Bill of Rights” that would require school officials, when asked by parents, to disclose whether their child is using a different name or gender to their biological sex. The proposal highlights a growing national debate surrounding transgender students and parental rights. Republican supporters argue the bill empowers a partnership between parents and teachers to most effectively help vulnerable children navigate situations that may involve life-altering decisions. Opponents argue the bill exposes students to the risk of abuse at home and does not allow adolescents the time needed for thoughtfulness and care. Similar bills have been passed in Republican-led legislatures around the US.
‘An alarming lack of commitment’: Biden couldn’t give a quid for the Quad

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-18 08:00

US President Joe Biden cancelled his planned visit to Australia for the Quad alliance, which comprises the US, India, Japan and Australia, due to a domestic crisis and ongoing negotiations on the national debt. Biden's decision has been viewed as a snub by some Australians, underlining the fragility of the countries' perceived strong relationship. Some citizens called for an end to the reliance on the US, which is a vital ally. The Quad Alliance was formed to combat China's power and expansion. The US is currently embroiled in intense political negotiations, and Biden felt it necessary to address the issue in-person rather than participating in the meeting via video conference.

The debate around scrapping or amending access to negative gearing tax benefits in Australia has continued as citizens highlight the lever’s potential to deliver fairer access to property ownership and greater equity to buyers. Scrapping the system would enable potential homebuyers to compete with others further up the property ladder, who have more collateral to borrow against. Though some factions of the public argue that scrapping negative gearing is not enough to tackle the housing problem, many believe it places the country on a more equitable footing.

Meanwhile, parents are left with no choice but to send their children to private religious schools because of the decline in the country’s public education system. There is a direct relationship between public school neglect in the past decade by successive Australian ministers and increases in admissions to private schools. Parents are finding it hard to opt for public schools because of the business model for administration and the lack of adequate resources.

The rebellious parents taking their children out of school for term-time holidays


23-05-18 12:00

Parents are risking fines of up to £2,500 or a three-month jail sentence by taking their children on holiday during term time. The amount of fines paid rose from £24m to £27m between 2016-17 and 2017-18 due to this trend. Until 2013, headteachers could grant up to 10 days' absence for family holidays in "special circumstances". Now, parents can be fined £120 for taking their child out of school without permission and receive a criminal record if they fail to pay. The number of fines has also risen 93% in the five years to 2017. Some argue that taking a child out of school is unfair or unethical, while others emphasise that travel can be enriching for young people. James Bowen, of the National Association of Headteachers, said absence could limit learning and pose challenges for catching up, although he stressed sympathy for families unable to afford holidays in peak periods.
America has an umpire shortage. Unruly parents aren’t helping


23-05-18 10:50

The trend of parents and coaches verbally and physically assaulting umpires in youth sports has caused a nationwide umpire shortage. “It’s very sad to see because it takes away from the game. The kids — it’s something that they shouldn’t have to see. Because now that’s something that they think is okay," said a longtime umpire. The number of baseball and softball umpires in Babe Ruth youth baseball and softball has fallen from 6,229 in 2017 to 4,995 in 2022. Youth sports have lost nearly 20,000 umpires at the high school level between 2018 and 2022.
Spike in child vapers prompts tighter rules call


23-05-18 10:02

A father from Abergele, Conwy county has launched a petition calling for increased regulations on shops that sell e-cigarettes after YouGov data revealed doubling of children trying vaping within the past decade. Recent data suggests that experimental vaping among 11 to 17-year-olds rose from 5.6% in 2014 to 11.6% in 2023. Though it is illegal to sell vapes to under-18s, social media shows that teenagers are accessing the products and discussing flavours such as pink lemonade, strawberry, banana and mango. The father also expressed concerns about vibrant packaging and sweet names which can be attractive to children.
Halifax-area schools set to hire replacement workers during strike


23-05-18 15:02

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education is seeking to employ temporary replacements for Canadian Union of Public Employees members who have been on strike since 10 May. The employees include those offering support such as Mi'kmaw and Indigenous student support, early childhood education and assistive technology. The union and employers disagree over a four-year contract due to wage proposals. As schools struggle to function without the expertise of striking workers, some schools are inviting parents to help. A leaked statement from the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission reveals it was due to launch a human rights inquiry into the crisis on 16 May.