POSCO Powers Up with Battery Materials Boom;Wall Street's Record Highs on Shaky Ground;Hong Kong's O时长0:19:39

节目标题:POSCO Powers Up with Battery Materials Boom;Wall Street’s Record Highs on Shaky Ground;Hong Kong’s O
节目介绍:Welcome to our 《Stock Market Briefing》 show! Today, we’ve got some exciting headlines to cover. First up, POSCO Holdings is making a bold move into battery materials, aiming to secure 30% of its revenue from this sector by 2030, despite the global EV market slowdown. They’ve already bagged significant deals with General Motors and Samsung SDI, projecting massive orders this year. Next, Wall Street continues to hit record highs, even as US unemployment and wage growth slow down. This paradox is fueling speculation about potential interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve later this year. Lastly, in Hong Kong, while the number of online scams has seen only a slight increase, the financial losses have skyrocketed by 37%, largely due to sophisticated deepfake scams. Please stay tuned for more detailed coverage of these stories!

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