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Schools are institutions designed for the purpose of educating students, typically at the primary or secondary level. They provide a structured and formal learning environment where students can acquire knowledge and skills for personal and academic development.


The history of schools can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome, where education was considered a privilege for the wealthy and elite. In China, there was a system of education that was largely based on Confucianism, known as the Imperial Examination System. This system was a way for individuals to become officials in government positions, and required extensive knowledge in areas such as literature and history.

Throughout history, schools have played a significant role in society by providing opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge and skills to better their lives. Schools have also been a place where individuals can come together to learn and share experiences in a structured environment.

Types of Schools

There are several types of schools, each with their own unique focus and purpose. Some of the most common types of schools include:

Public Schools: Public schools are funded by the government and typically offer education to students up to the age of 18. They are free to attend, and provide students with a range of subjects and extracurricular activities.

Private Schools: Private schools are funded by tuition fees, donations, and endowments. They often have a more selective admission process and typically have smaller class sizes than public schools.

Charter Schools: Charter schools are independently operated public schools that are funded by the government. They have more flexibility than traditional public schools in terms of curriculum and teaching methods.

Alternative Schools: Alternative schools are designed for students who may struggle in traditional school settings. They can include schools for students with learning disabilities, schools for pregnant and parenting teens, and schools for students who have been expelled from traditional schools.

Homeschooling: Homeschooling is a form of education where parents take on the role of teacher and educate their children at home. This type of schooling is becoming increasingly popular, and offers students a more flexible and personalized learning experience.


The curriculum of a school typically consists of a wide range of subjects, including language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education. Schools may also offer electives such as music, art, drama, and foreign languages, as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and organizations.

In recent years, there has been a movement towards personalized learning, where students can tailor their education to their individual needs and interests. This has led to the development of new teaching methods and educational technologies that can better engage students and improve learning outcomes.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods have evolved over time, from traditional lecture-style teaching to more hands-on, interactive approaches. Some of the most common teaching methods include:

Lecture: Lectures are a common teaching method where the teacher presents information to the students in a lecture hall or classroom. This method can be effective for conveying large amounts of information, but can also be boring and ineffective for some students.

Group Work: Group work is a teaching method where students work in small groups to complete assignments or projects. This method can be effective for promoting collaboration and critical thinking skills, but can also be challenging for students who struggle to work in teams.

Hands-On Learning: Hands-on learning is a teaching method where students learn by doing. This can include activities such as experiments and simulations, and can be effective for promoting deeper learning and understanding.

Technology-Enabled Learning: Technology-enabled learning is a teaching method where technology is used to enhance the learning experience. This can include online courses, apps, and educational games.

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on the importance of student-centered learning, where the focus is on the needs and interests of individual students. This approach emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration, and can be effective for promoting lifelong learning skills.


Schools play a vital role in society by providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. With advances in technology and teaching methods, schools are evolving to better meet the needs of students and promote personalized learning. Whether attending a public school, private school, or homeschooling, students have a wide range of options for acquiring the education they need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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How to get an elite education for your children without spending a fortune


23-05-16 12:10

UK parents struggling with the rising rates of private school tuition are exploring alternative educational options. Some are choosing to use state education up to the age of 11 before choosing private schooling for GCSEs and sixth-year studies. This approach takes advantage of cheaper tuition during the early years while offering access to the advantages of the private sector later on, without locking children into expensive private educations for their entire schooling. Another option involves staying in state education while offering additional academic tutoring. Still, others opt for an international option that entails studying the "International Baccalaureate" which has been praised for opening up elite educational opportunities to all.
English pupils overtake Poland to come fourth in world literacy rankings


23-05-16 10:34

Primary school children in England have overtaken Finland and Poland to become the fourth-most literate in the world, outranked only by Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia, according to the latest Progress in International Reading Literacy Study. England’s score of 558 was above the international average of 520 and was attributed to the focus on phonics as a teaching method. Among the 43 countries tested, only 11, including England, did not show a significant drop in scores since 2016. The gender gap in England has also narrowed, with girls outperforming boys in most countries.
Rain-swollen rivers flood some towns in north Italy; Venice prepares to raise mobile dike in lagoon

Associated Press

23-05-16 15:42

Torrential rains have led to rivers swelling in northern Italy, resulting in flooding in some towns, and Venice preparing to activate its MOSES mobile barrier to halt high-tide flooding. Firefighters in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna have been called in to assist with rescues, while schools in areas fearing flooding were closed. The downpours were welcome, however, as they are helping to end a months-long drought in the country which had depleted the Po River, Italy's largest river, which supports agriculture in the vast Po River Valley, before it empties into the Adriatic Sea.
Apprentices in NSW are quitting in record numbers, but one school is trying to change that

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-16 19:00

New South Wales recorded its highest number of apprentice dropouts in a decade in Q3 2020, with almost 10,000 students having left a trainee or apprenticeship. Commencements have also fallen since the withdrawal of government wage subsidies worth AUD 28,000 ($21,399) per year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, the Australian federal government released a consultation paper on various measures to combat high dropout rates, including provisions for better support. The finalised policy is expected to be unveiled later this year. The latest budget from the country’s federal government also pledged funding for apprentices struggling with the cost of living.
N.B. youth advocate denounces province’s decision to review LGBTQ school policy

The Toronto Star

23-05-16 18:14

Three complaints prompted the government of New Brunswick to review the province’s policy on sexual orientation in schools. Policy 713 establishes minimum standards for schools to support the LGBTQ+ community. The review has been criticised due to a lack of benchmarks with which to evaluate the policy. There are no written complaints from teachers or students concerning the policy. The attorney general has called for a meeting with Gay and Lesbian Alliance, and Say Equality is Everybody’s Business, two interest groups, to debate the issue.
Public board alters stance on uniformed police officers


23-05-16 17:37

Ontario's Ottawa-Carleton District School Board will permit parents who are police officers to speak in assemblies, career fairs and bring-your-parent-to-school days in uniform. Last week, Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce wrote a memo instructing all public school boards in Ontario to allow parents to wear uniforms when appearing as guest speakers. The memo was in response to the board's temporary policy requiring police officers to change out of their uniforms when attending similar events. Trustees voted in favour of ending the presence of a student resource officer in schools, resulting in the policy.
Our ‘obsession’ with phonics has worked


23-05-16 16:59

England has been ranked fourth out of 43 countries for the reading ability of children aged nine to 10, according to the Pirls international survey. The country scored highest of all English-speaking nations and ranked above countries including Japan and Denmark. The score was a tribute to the approximately 250,000 primary school teachers who had embraced the learning of systematic synthetic phonics, said Conservative MP Nick Gibb. Gibb argued that evidence from international surveys showed regular reading could reduce or even eliminate the impact of a disadvantageous background on a child's academic success.
School-absence fines make problem worse, MPs told


23-05-16 16:36

Fining parents for child absences from school is ineffective and can worsen problems, say charity leaders and MPs. The news follows a report that shows the number of pupils regularly missing school in England remains higher than before the pandemic. Penalties often place more pressure on struggling families and drive them towards home-schooling. Some local councils stated they had not issued fines while others had issued thousands. Fines begin at £60 and rise if they are not paid promptly. The guidance from the government is that they should be used only when support has been offered and where they are likely to change parental behaviour.
Schools face 50% cut in shared education funding


23-05-17 05:29

The Northern Ireland Education Authority has informed schools that funding for the shared education programme will be cut by half from this September. Around 700 schools and preschools have received funding to participate in shared education partnerships with the aim of bringing together pupils from different religious and social backgrounds. The funding for these projects covered resources, school transport and other activities. The Department of Education (DE) has confirmed it will have no funding available for the scheme beyond April 2024. The DE has previously cut funding for other programmes aimed at helping disadvantaged pupils in order to save money.
'This would have helped me when I saw mum abused'


23-05-17 05:25

A scheme to support young children who witness domestic violence at home will now be extended to schools across Northern Ireland. Operation Encompass will be rolled out in all Northern Ireland's 1,162 schools. If an officer attends a domestic violence call-out where children are present, they will contact the child's school before 09:00 the following morning to share this information with the school's safeguarding team. The initiative recognises children as unseen victims of domestic abuse. Since the start of the 2021 school year, officers attended 2,121 domestic incidents with 3,774 children affected, and a total of 3,160 referrals were made.
I got an ATAR of 95. Law degree? No way. I wanted to get my hands dirty ...

The Age

23-05-17 05:15

Despite her 95 ATAR result, Ashley Beeby opted for an apprenticeship to become a heavy-vehicle diesel mechanic. Friends and acquaintances initially felt this was a waste of her talents. For Beeby, the choice of career was an unconventional one but it was driven in large part by her passion and interest. She found being a mechanic satisfying, particularly when facing complex challenges. The work experience she undertook prior to pursuing the apprenticeship convinced her that this was the right option for her.
‘Don’t you want to be a lawyer?’ I got an ATAR of 95 but chose to become a mechanic

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-17 05:15

Choosing an apprenticeship over university was the best decision the writer ever made, says Ashley Beeby, a diesel mechanic, trade advocate and writer. Despite some initial reluctance to enter the male-dominated sector, Beeby found her work both intricate and satisfying, and said the trade offered a satisfying alternative to university debt. However, the narrow attitudes of some acquaintances suggested a lack of understanding of the complex and intellectually challenging nature of the trade. Smarts are valuable in all industries, and a passion for one's work is central to success, she said.
Dozens of Serbia schools receive bomb threats amid concerns following mass shootings in early May

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 09:31

Several Serbian schools have been evacuated following email bomb threats made to 58 high and 89 elementary schools in Belgrade. Police checked the buildings but have yet to report their findings. The threats come in the wake of two shootings in May, which left 10 dead and 21 injured. The first occurred in an elementary school when a 13-year-old boy took his father's gun and opened fire. The next day a 20-year-old man fired at people with an automatic weapon in two villages south of the capital.
Is In­dia pro­ject­ing ‘nor­mal­cy’ in Kash­mir by hold­ing G20 meet­ing?

Al Jazeera

23-05-17 08:56

India is set to host a G20 meeting on tourism in Indian-administered Kashmir, in the first global event in the region since the Indian government removed its special status in 2019. The event has been organised to boost tourism in the region, promoting its picturesque Himalayan valley to G20 delegates. However, residents and experts have said the meeting is aimed at projecting a false image of normality and downplaying India’s “brutal and repressive denial of democratic and other rights of Kashmiri Muslims and minorities”. Much of the international community regards India as a key trade partner, meaning that few have spoken out on human rights violations in the region.
Native American former student sues Oklahoma school for removing feather at graduation

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 16:05

The Broken Arrow Public Schools and two employees have been sued in the US for the removal of sacred eagle feather from the graduation cap of Lena’ Black, who is Otoe-Missouria and Osage. Black had been bestowed the sacred object when she was aged three and was awaiting to walk into Broken Arrow High School's May 2022 graduation when two school employees approached her and instructed her to remove the eagle plume, damaging it in the process. The lawsuit cites intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and violations to Black's state and federal constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion.
Parents opt for religious schools as student enrolments soar

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-17 19:00

Private school enrolments in Australia have risen by 35% over the past 10 years, driven by a surge in student numbers at faith-based institutions, a report has found. In 2021, the number of independent enrolments grew to 688,638, up from 456,460 in 2011. Over the same period, enrolments at Christian schools grew by 50%, while Islamic school numbers doubled to 46,278 students. Independent Catholic schools were one of only two types of school to see numbers fall. The total percentage of students attending private schools surged from 4.1% in 1970 to 17.1% in 2021.
Large private school voucher expansion voted for by both North Carolina legislative chambers

Associated Press

23-05-17 21:49

Legislation passed in the Senate and House chambers in North Carolina has broadened the Opportunity Scholarship Program to provide state-funded vouchers for K-12 private schools regardless of income level. Since 2013, the grants were only provided to students at an income threshold. However, the new legislation eliminates this threshold. Democrats argue that the vouchers will drain state funds from public schools, leading to underfunded schools and segregation tied to income and race. Supporters claim the scholarship will help students avoid local chronically low-performing public schools.
Business schools experiment with consultancy

Financial Times

23-05-18 04:25

Business schools are setting up consulting arms to apply academic knowledge on the wider market. Bayes Consulting, part of Bayes Business School at City, University of London, offers bespoke solutions to corporate clients, while Durban University Business School, among others, also offers academic knowledge on a consultancy basis. Professor Daniel Beunza, a social studies of finance expert, advises the Financial Services Culture Board, a membership organisation that teaches executives how to carry out on-the-ground cultural analysis. Such services see competition between business schools and traditional firms, such as Boston Consulting Group, ramp up. While some leaders, like Patrick De Greve at Vlerick Business School in Belgium, see consultancy as potentially damaging strategic partnerships, others believe it offers the chance to deliver on social missions.
Hundreds of students return to remote learning and masks amid COVID outbreaks

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-18 07:59

Multiple schools in Sydney have returned to remote learning on a part-time or full-time basis due to COVID-19 outbreaks. Liverpool Girls High School had to move students in years 9, 10, and 11 to remote learning due to about 20% of their teaching staff contracting COVID-19 or suffering from symptoms. Cammeray Public School, Parkes High, Martindale Public, and Yawarra Community School have also moved some students to remote learning for part or all of the week due to COVID-19 concerns. Reinstated mask mandates have been implemented. NSW Secondary Principals’ Council president Craig Petersen commented on the lack of casual teaching staff, which has created difficulty in finding relief coverage when needed, causing some schools to move to remote learning. NSW schools currently have 13,500 coronavirus infections, and influenza cases have increased by 35%.