Sexual harassment (6do encyclopedia)


Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination and unwanted behavior that can take many different forms in the workplace, educational settings, and other environments. This article will explore the definition of sexual harassment, the different forms it can take, the impact it has on individuals and organizations, and how to prevent and address sexual harassment.


Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted, unwelcome, or uninvited behavior or conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile or offensive environment for the recipient of the behavior. Sexual harassment can occur in any setting, including the workplace, school, public places, and online.

The Types of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be classified into two main categories, Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment.

Quid Pro Quo is a type of harassment where an individual is put into a situation where he or she must either submit to sexual advances or suffer some form of retaliation. For instance, an employee may be offered a promotion or a raise if he or she agrees to engage in sexual activity with a colleague or a supervisor. If they refuse, they may face disciplinary action or be fired.

On the other hand, hostile work environment is a type of harassment where an individual is subjected to unwarranted and offensive sexual behavior from colleagues, supervisors, or other individuals within the working environment. This type of harassment can include inappropriate touching, inappropriate comments or jokes, lewd behavior or unsolicited images.

The Impact of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can have serious impacts on individuals who experience it. Often, individuals can suffer from mental and physical trauma. The victims of sexual harassment report feelings of anxiety, depression, lowered self-esteem and stress. It can also impact their ability to work and study, leading to absenteeism, decreased productivity, and decreased job satisfaction.

The Impact on Organizations

Sexual harassment can have significant implications for organizations too. When left unaddressed, instances of sexual harassment can lead to a host of problems for the organization, including lawsuits, high levels of employee turnover, decreased productivity, and unfavorable public perception.

Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment

There are numerous strategies for preventing and addressing sexual harassment. One of the most effective methods is for organizations to implement anti-harassment policies that explicitly prohibit sexual harassment and outline clear consequences for engaging in such behavior. The policies should be communicated to all employees and provided in writing. Additionally, organizations should provide training to employees to ensure that they understand what constitutes sexual harassment, how to recognize it, how it can impact the workplace, and how to report it.

A critical component of preventing sexual harassment is early intervention. If an employee experiences sexual harassment, it should be addressed immediately, before it escalates into more serious problems. Employers need to create an environment where individuals feel safe to report such issues without fear of retaliation.


Sexual harassment is a serious issue that can have far-reaching impacts for both individuals and organizations. It is crucial for individuals and organizations to adopt strategies for preventing and addressing sexual harassment. With effective anti-harassment policies, training, and early interventions, organizations can create a safe and comfortable environment for all employees.

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Goldman Sachs to pay $215m in sex discrimination case


23-05-09 17:02

Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay $215m to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit that accuses the company of granting women low compensation packages and poor job prospects. The settlement resolves claims from 2,800 women who worked at the bank in the US. The lawsuit, which had been ongoing since 2010, was settled a month before it was due to go to trial. As part of the dispute’s resolution, Goldman Sachs will work with external experts to examine its pay patterns and promotion methods.
Indian Olympians Persist in Demanding Arrest of Wrestling Chief

NY Times

23-05-05 09:05

A group of female wrestlers protested outside India's parliament calling for the resignation of Brij Bhushan Singh. The wrestlers, some of whom are Olympic medalists, have accused the sport's top official in India of sexually harassing at least seven women, including one minor, over the course of a decade. Despite the allegations, Singh has denied the accusations. While the government announced in January an investigation to look into the claims of sexual harassment, the protesters, who have drawn the media's attention, are arguing that inaction from politicians has been due to Singh's connections with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.
W.H.O. Dismisses Covid Origins Investigator for Sexual Misconduct

NY Times

23-05-04 20:04

Peter K. Ben Embarek, the lead investigator into the origins of Covid-19 for the World Health Organization, was dismissed last year from the position "following findings of sexual misconduct," a W.H.O spokeswoman has said. The dismissal, which was first reported by the Financial Times on Wednesday, was apparently due to allegations that arose from events as far back as 2015 and 2017. Other allegations against Ben Embarek that "could not be fully investigated" due to a lack of participation by victims were also noted, with the W.H.O. only learning of the assertions in 2018.
Phogat says she complained to Modi about wrestling woes


23-05-04 09:56

Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat has stated that she raised concerns about the mental torture and harassment experienced under Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the chief of India's Wrestling Federation, during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2021. Phogat is currently engaged in a protest against Singh, who has denied all allegations, that has lasted close to a fortnight. Other protesters include Olympic medal-winners, some of whom have reported experiencing sexual harassment at the hands of unnamed female wrestlers. Delhi police have filed two cases against Singh but he has not been questioned or arrested as yet.
We used to laugh at the pitiful men who flashed, but it was never funny


23-05-03 21:15

Studies in the US have found that up to 25% of those who have been convicted of indecent exposure go on to commit further, more serious, crimes. Wayne Couzens, the former Metropolitan police officer who raped and murdered Sarah Everard, was a serial flasher. The College of Policing has launched a review into whether indecent exposure should be taken more seriously, both as an indicator of future risk and as a crime in its own right. Women and girls have known that flashing wasn't funny, even when laughing it off, and the author says that now flashers deserve only disgust and outrage.
Woman 'duped girlfriend into believing she was having sex with man'


23-05-16 21:29

A woman has tricked her girlfriend for two years into thinking she was a man by wearing a blindfold during sex and using an “unknown item” to penetrate her, a court was told. Blade Silvano, 40, deceived the woman, whom the court has not identified, by maintaining a relationship with her via texts and video calls on WhatsApp and a dating website. The pair were even said to have discussed getting married. Silvano denies two charges of assault by penetration.
IT worker sued boss who marked problems with ‘XX’ as she thought they were kisses


23-05-17 14:29

A former IT worker has had her sexual harassment case against her "rich and powerful" boss thrown out by an employment tribunal in central London. Karina Gasparova, who worked as a project manager at the paperless documents firm essDOCS, had claimed that an email from her boss Aleksander Goulandris marked with "xx" was code for a sexual invitation. She also argued that a file renaming incident was an acronym for "A Jumbo Genital". Ms Gasparova's case was dismissed, with the tribunal ruling she had a "skewed perception of everyday events". Ms Gasparova was also ordered to pay £5,000 costs.
From ‘xx’ to genital references: what not to include in a work email


23-05-18 16:22

A woman's recent case in the UK to sue her boss for harassment after misunderstanding the use of X marks in an email has shone a light on the stress of email sign-offs. A 2020 employee survey by the platform Perkbox revealed that signing off with an X made 65 per cent of respondents flinch but did not tackle the implication of no Xs, which may be construed as frosty or uppity. The article suggests starting a new thread when replying to a short email so that no visible X can be denied.
IT worker sues boss over mistaken ‘jumbo genital’ acronym

The Independent

23-05-18 14:11

A woman's sexual harassment case against her boss has been dismissed by an employment tribunal. Karina Gasparova, who worked as a project manager for paperless document firm essDOCS, brought the action against Aleksander Goulandris, who she characterised as a "rich and powerful" man she believed wanted a sexual relationship with her. Gasparova argued that she had misinterpreted certain letters and words in emails sent by her boss, who she believed was interested in a romantic or sexual relationship with her. However, the tribunal found that Gasparova's direction of everyday events was "skewed".
CBI chief denies ‘toxic’ culture ahead of crucial confidence vote


23-05-31 11:02

The director of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has maintained that accusations that the organisation has a "toxic" culture are unfounded as members prepare to vote on a confidence motion next week. The CBI produced proposals designed to prevent further sexual misconduct allegations following several instances of abuse, including two rape allegations. The proposed changes include board restructuring and the creation of a people and culture committee. A quarter of the CBI’s members have suspended or cancelled their membership amid the allegations. Insiders warn that financial difficulties could cause further problems for the organisation.
Labour MP Geraint Davies suspended after sexual harassment allegations


23-06-01 09:17

UK MP Geriant Davies has been suspended by the Labour Party after allegations of sexual harassment by five younger female colleagues were published by Politico. The Swansea West MP denies the accusations. Two of the allegations are that he inappropriately touched female MPs, while a former parliamentary official accused him of repeatedly commenting on her appearance. A statement issued to Politico by Davies said: “I don’t recognise the allegations suggested and do not know who has made them" and added that if he had inadvertently caused offence, he was "naturally sorry”.
CBI plans job cuts as it fights to survive in wake of scandals


23-06-01 18:37

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) will cut a third of its workforce in a redundancy consultation announced on Friday as it attempts to recover from series of sexual misconduct scandals. The redundancy process will chiefly involve voluntary redundancies. A number of firms, including Aviva, John Lewis, Lloyds and RBS, have previously taken steps to distance themselves from the CBI in response to the allegations. Next week, members will vote on a confidence motion regarding the group, while members of staff have also been asked to sign an open letter showing support for management.
Indecent exposures soar - but prosecutions slump to new low


23-06-01 16:58

Indecent exposure cases involving women have surged following the Wayne Couzens scandal, but police charging rates for such crimes in the UK have hit a record low, with only one in 12 cases being resolved. Home Office data revealed that only 8.2% of indecent exposure charges resulted in convictions, down from 17% in 2016 when records began, despite reports rising by 44% over the same period. The College of Policing is currently updating guidelines for police, which will require them to take indecent exposure more seriously as an offence that could lead to violent sexual attacks.