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Welcome to our 《TV briefing》 program! Today, we’re diving into some fascinating stories that you won’t want to miss. First up, Vancouver’s Broadway Plan is under the microscope as public consultations kick off two years after its approval. This long-term plan aims to increase housing density along the new Millennium Line SkyTrain, but critics are skeptical about its impact on affordability. Stay tuned to hear what residents and experts have to say about this ambitious project. Next, Jon Stewart spills the tea on his tumultuous relationship with Apple, shedding light on why ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ was canceled. According to Stewart, Apple’s top brass weren’t too thrilled with his critical takes, leading to some serious backstage drama. We’ll break down the juicy details of this corporate clash and what it means for content creators. And finally, ‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp made headlines for all the wrong reasons after being kicked out of a New York City club. Reports say Schnapp got a little too rowdy, leading to his ejection. This isn’t the first controversy for the young actor, and we’ll explore what this latest incident means for his career. Please stay tuned for the detailed coverage of these stories and more!


Public consultations have begun to review Vancouver’s Broadway Plan, a long-term strategy passed two years ago to develop the city’s “second downtown” with more dense housing, aligned with the Millennium Line SkyTrain expansion. City planners, like Matt Shillito, are eager for public feedback to incorporate new provincial legislation mandating denser housing. Critics argue the plan won’t alleviate Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis and might exacerbate congestion. However, proponents highlight the plan’s adherence to transit-oriented development goals, promising job spaces and affordable housing near transit hubs. The consultations, running until July 14, aim to refine the plan based on public input, with a report due in November.

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Jon Stewart recently shed light on the cancellation of his Apple TV+ show, The Problem with Jon Stewart, after two seasons. He revealed that despite not being censored, the corporate agenda of Apple clashed with his show’s goals, especially after a contentious interview with economist Larry Summers. Stewart recounted how Apple’s executives were visibly uncomfortable with the show’s critical stance on topics like China and AI. Despite the creative differences leading to the show’s end, Stewart holds no grudge against Apple, acknowledging that corporations generally avoid controversy. Stewart has temporarily returned to The Daily Show, continuing his insightful commentary on current affairs.

Noah Schnapp, known for his role in Stranger Things, was reportedly kicked out of a New York club for being “aggressively wasted” and causing a scene when other patrons refused to drink with him due to his underage status. This incident adds to Schnapp’s list of controversies, including accusations of using racial slurs and sharing private messages with singer Doja Cat. Schnapp also faced backlash for his vocal support of Israel during the Israel-Hamas conflict, which led to public criticism and calls for his removal from Stranger Things. In January, Schnapp addressed the controversy, stating that his beliefs had been misconstrued and emphasizing the importance of open discussions for peace.

Yahoo US reports that Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s relationship is flourishing, with the couple enjoying a calm and normal life together. The “Flowers” singer, 31, and her drummer boyfriend, 24, who moved in together earlier this year, have been seen enjoying date nights and interacting warmly with others. Miley’s life has become more harmonious since their relationship began in December 2021. Despite her quieter romantic life, Miley has been candid about her family’s dramatic headlines, including her parents’ divorce and her relationship with her father. Miley expressed deep appreciation for her parents’ sacrifices and called her mother her hero.

South China Morning Post highlights Kim Cattrall’s relationship with Russell Thomas, whom she met in 2016 when he was working as an audio engineer for the BBC. The couple made a rare public appearance at Alexander Wang’s fashion show, showcasing their long-standing, low-key relationship. Despite their 14-year age gap, Cattrall and Thomas are deeply connected and happy together. Cattrall, who has been married three times before, appreciates the balance and love in her current relationship, describing it as checking every box she ever had.

Yahoo US also delves into Ariana DeBose’s experience hosting the Tony Awards, a role she has held for three consecutive years. Despite the pressure and nerves, DeBose has embraced the responsibility, highlighting the importance of the event for the Broadway community. She has faced numerous challenges, including hosting without a script during last year’s writer’s strike. DeBose, a skilled performer, uses her platform to celebrate Broadway’s talent and creativity. Although she plans to take a break from hosting to return to the stage, she remains committed to making the Tony Awards a memorable and positive experience for all involved.

Yahoo US: The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is in full swing, and this Sunday, England will face Serbia in a crucial match. Despite being favorites, England’s recent 1-0 loss to Iceland has cast doubts on their prospects. The game will take place at Arena AufSchalke at 3 p.m. ET, broadcast on FOX and available for streaming on platforms like Fubo and DirecTV. For those outside the US, free streaming options are available in countries like Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain through local broadcasters. The tournament features 51 games over a month, with key dates including the group stage from June 14 to June 26 and the final on July 14.

South China Morning Post: Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka recently celebrated 20 years since their first date. The couple, who met on Broadway, have shared many adventures and remarkable memories over the years. Burtka, an actor and trained chef, has appeared in various films and TV shows, including “How I Met Your Mother.” He is also the author of a cookbook, “Life Is a Party.” The couple began dating in 2004 and share 13-year-old twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. They are often seen with other celebrity families, including Elton John and his husband David Furnish.

Yahoo US: Jon Bon Jovi is making a comeback after vocal cord surgery, a journey that has been both challenging and inspiring. Speaking at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he shared that his recovery is progressing “step by step,” with support from Shania Twain, who underwent a similar procedure. Bon Jovi’s vocal issues began in 2015, but he only sought help in 2022. Twain’s reassurance and shared experience gave him the confidence to proceed with the surgery. Now, Bon Jovi works with vocal coaches and does daily voice exercises. His new album, “Forever,” is out now, marking his return to the music scene.

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Simon Yam Tat-wah, an actor who started his career as an extra in 1975, has become one of Hong Kong’s most prolific and versatile performers, with around 240 films to his name. Known for his roles in Category III (adults-only) films and portrayals of triad criminals in the 1990s, Yam’s success is rooted in his relentless work ethic, inherited from his father, a tough Hong Kong police officer. Yam’s approach to acting is simple yet effective: be punctual, prepared, and dedicated. This philosophy has not only fueled his passion for acting but also ensured financial stability. During the 1990s, when triads heavily influenced Hong Kong’s film industry, Yam appeared in numerous subpar films, unable to refuse roles. However, the Asian financial crisis of 1998 led to a decline in film production, resulting in better scripts and directors for the films that were made. Yam’s versatility is evident in his diverse roles, from romantic comedies like “Gigolo and Whore” to intense action films where he played both cops and criminals. Despite his fame for Category III films such as “Raped by an Angel” and “Dr Lamb,” Yam has also delivered remarkable performances in serious dramas like “Echoes of the Rainbow” and “A Light Never Goes Out.” His fearless choice of roles, expressive face, and magnetic screen presence have made him a favorite among audiences and producers alike. Although not in the same league as Chow Yun-fat or Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Yam’s dedication to his craft and willingness to take on challenging roles have earned him a respected place in Hong Kong cinema. His collaborations with director Johnnie To in films like “The Mission” and “PTU” further solidified his reputation as a serious actor, showcasing his ability to bring depth and intensity to his characters. Despite not reaching the superstar status of some of his contemporaries, Simon Yam’s enduring presence and talent continue to captivate audiences, making him a beloved figure in the industry.

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