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A visit, in its simplest form, refers to a trip that is taken for a specific purpose, such as to meet someone, attend an event, or explore a new place. It is often used in reference to trips that are typically shorter in duration, and may be made by individuals, families, or groups.

Visits can be made for a variety of reasons. Some people visit family and friends, while others travel to attend weddings, funerals, or other events. Visits may also be made for professional reasons, such as to conduct business meetings or make presentations. Others might visit to sightsee, learn about a new culture, or simply to relax and get away from their day-to-day routine.

The length of a visit can vary widely. Some visits may only last a few hours or overnight, while others may be for a week or more. The duration of a visit is often determined by the purpose of the trip and the distance traveled. For example, someone visiting a neighboring town or city might only stay for a day or two, while someone traveling to a foreign country might stay for several weeks or months.

Visits can be made to almost any location. Some popular destinations include cities, tourist attractions, parks, and beaches. Visitors may choose to stay in hotels, bed and breakfasts, or with friends or family members. The location and accommodations chosen will often depend on the length of the visit, the purpose of the trip, and the budget of the visitor.

Visits can be a great way to experience new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. They can also be an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family members, or to network with colleagues in a professional setting. Whether for work or leisure, visits can be an enriching and rewarding experience for those who choose to undertake them.

While visits can be enjoyable and educational experiences, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure a safe and successful trip. Visitors should be sure to research the destination beforehand, and be aware of any potential safety concerns or cultural differences that may affect their visit. They should also make sure to carry appropriate forms of identification, currency, and other necessary documents.

Visits can be both challenging and rewarding experiences, but they are ultimately a valuable way to learn and grow as individuals. By taking the time to plan a successful visit, visitors can ensure that they make the most of their trip and come away with lasting memories and experiences.

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South African inquiry will probe possibility of covert arms shipment to Russia

The Globe and Mail

23-05-12 21:34

An inquiry has been launched by South Africa after the US ambassador, Rubin Brigety, alleged the country had loaded weapons and ammunition onto a Russian vessel, the Lady R, when it docked at a South African naval base last December. Despite being faced with repeated questions since then, the South African Mministry has been unable to provide clarification of the exact purpose of the visit or the nature of any cargo. Both South Africa and Russia have denied any arms transaction was agreed, but the possibility of corruption in the South African military has been suggested.
Australia trade minister 'pleased' with talks in China

Nikkei Asia

23-05-12 17:53

Australia's Minister for Trade and Tourism, Don Farrell, has said that he is "pleased" with his talks with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing on removing trade barriers but has added that his visit was "just another step" in stabilizing ties. His visit follows an easing of diplomatic tensions with the election of a new Labor government in mid-2022.
Best France holiday destinations and when to visit each one

The Independent

23-05-12 14:41

France is a popular destination among British travelers as it offers something to all types of travelers such as beautiful beaches, ski resorts, cultural attractions, and renowned food and wine. The country welcomed 82.6 million international tourists in 2022, overtaking Spain as the most visited country in Europe, with Brits accounting for 14 million. Famous tourist attractions include Paris and Marseille, the beaches of Normandy, and the French Riviera. The article highlights a few recommended French holiday destinations including Antibes, a relaxed and laidback seaside town between Cannes and Nice that features a Picasso museum; Biarritz, a popular seaside town on the Basque coast that offers long sandy beaches and surfing; and Tignes, one of the highest ski resorts in the Alps that offers guarantees skiing virtually year-round. Paris is known for its iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower and for offering culture and history to all age groups of travelers. France can be easily and sustainably reached by ferry or train from the UK.
What happens when back home becomes a war zone?

The Globe and Mail

23-05-12 12:00

Elamin Abdelmahmoud, a Sudanese-born Canadian, speaks about finding it challenging to make sense of the current conflict in Sudan through the media, despite his connections to the situation through family in the country. Abdelmahmoud expresses that his people are not familiar with cultivating hope as Sudan has had a long history of instability. Despite a glimpse of hope in 2019, the country is now embroiled in a conflict between two generals vying for power over Khartoum, leaving the civilians trapped in the crossfire. Abdelmahmoud hopes that the Canadian government will offer Sudanese Canadians help to escape the country.
I think dad’s new girlfriend is dangerous — like criminally dangerous. What should I do? Ask Ellie

The Toronto Star

23-05-12 10:00

The advice column for the Toronto Star featured a recent article seeking guidance on the behaviour of a new partner of an elderly relative. The letter's author, living far away from their father, said that they had recently discovered concerning court records about their relative's new partner following sightings of red flags. They said that they fear that the new woman in their father's life is taking advantage of him and that she may even attempt to file a restraining order against him if he does not give in to her demands. The columnist urged caution and pointed out that their father has the right to make his own decisions.
Meteoric rise in power of ‘finfluencers’ sparks concerns

Financial Times

23-05-16 04:35

The recent surge in self-directed investing can be partially attributed to the influence of financial influencers, according to a report. US and UK regulators have already issued investor warnings about social media and investment fraud, and the Financial Conduct Authority has cautioned influencers about promoting illegal get-rich-quick schemes. The report says that distinguishing reliable and unreliable finfluencers is difficult. One risk arises because regulators impose strict rules on finance professionals when it comes to marketing and endorsements. One recent example is the US's Securities and Exchange Commission’s National Financial Capability Month initiative in April. Financial influencers experience an average 8% annual growth rate in the number of followers, compared with 4% growth rate for all other influencers. Newer investment apps rely heavily on finfluencers to spread the word, with one UK app, InvestEngine, spending 40% of its marketing budget on influencers. However, regulators say growth in self-directed investing is highlighting a need for better education.
Brand China a ‘threat’, Truss tells Sunak in Taiwan speech

The Independent

23-05-16 21:15

The UK's newly-appointed foreign secretary, Liz Truss, will call on the country's Chancellor Rishi Sunak to designate China as a national security threat during a speech in Taiwan this Wednesday. Truss will also urge the government to 'urgently' close China's 30 Confucius Institutes in the UK. This marks a significant hardening of the UK's stance towards China, as prime minister Boris Johnson only last year described China as the "biggest long-term threat to Britain". Truss is the first former UK prime minister to visit Taiwan since Margaret Thatcher in the 1990s.
Chinese embassy criticises former UK PM Truss's visit to Taiwan


23-05-16 18:25

The Chinese embassy in London has criticised former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s visit to Taiwan, calling it a “dangerous political show which will do nothing but harm to the United Kingdom”. In a statement, the embassy urged “the relevant British politician to correct her wrongdoing, stop making political shows with the Taiwan question, and stop conniving at and supporting ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionist forces.” Truss’s visit comes at a time when the relationship between Britain and China is at its lowest level in decades.
Deborah Warner on the anarchic, disturbing masterpiece that made her fall in love with opera


23-05-17 06:00

Director Deborah Warner has spoken to the Telegraph about revisiting her production of Alban Berg’s Wozzeck, to be staged at the Royal Opera House (ROH) nearly 30 years after the first performance in Leeds. The production tells the tale of a man exploited by those in power who must overcome a brutalising society. Described as “one of the great masterpieces of the 20th century,” Warner says that the opera is “so immediate, compelling, anarchic – the work of an impassioned 23-year-old.” The production features cutouts by designer Hyemi Shin. Commenting on the design, Warner said: “Hyemi’s painted backdrops will be exquisitely beautiful – and not what you expect from Wozzeck.”
Fund groups race to launch first US ether futures ETF

Financial Times

23-05-17 04:34

Five ETF issuers have filed applications to launch ether futures ETFs, according to analysts. Grayscale was the first to file, with Valkyrie lodging an application last week. The new ETFs have investment strategies similar to each other and will trade primarily in ether futures traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, if approved. Last month, bitcoin futures ETFs in the US allowed advisers to make trades on behalf of clients investing in cryptocurrencies for the first time. The new ETFs will operate almost identically to their bitcoin futures counterparts, the analysts said.
Truss urges Sunak to class China as 'threat'


23-05-17 04:19

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to dub China a “threat” to UK national security during a trip to Taiwan, making her the first former prime minister to visit Taiwan since Margaret Thatcher. Truss drew parallels between the tensions between China and Taiwan, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and urged the West not to collaborate with China, accusing totalitarian regimes of “not telling the truth”. During the Conservative Party leadership contest, Truss claimed that she would take a firm stance against the Chinese government and wished to classify it as a threat to UK national security. Her plans were never enacted after her short-lived time in No 10. Sunak labelled China as “the biggest long-term threat to Britain” during his leadership and pledged to close Beijing’s Confucius Institutes in the UK. The UK government is expected to guarantee that it will stop funding Mandarin teaching in the institutes. Despite this pledge, Truss prompted Sunak to deliver on the pledges to clamp down on China he made last summer. China described Truss’s visit to Taiwan as a “dangerous political stunt” that would harm the UK.
Quad summit in Australia canceled after Joe Biden shortens Asia trip


23-05-17 02:36

A summit of Quad leaders from the US, India, Australia and Japan has been cancelled after US President Joe Biden pulled out, according to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Biden was set to meet Albanese, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in Sydney for the informal security dialogue, seen as a counter to China’s activism in the region. Cancelling late due to ongoing debt ceiling negotiations, Biden is still heading to Japan this week instead. The Quad meeting may still take place when the leaders are in Japan, with no date confirmed.
North Korea shows Kim Jong Un examining a military spy satellite that may be launched soon

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 02:05

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has visited the country's aerospace agency to support plans for the forthcoming military spy satellite launch. There has been no indication of the launch time, however, analysts suggest it may happen within weeks. It would use long-range missile technology that has been prohibited by past United Nations Security Council laws. Although previous missile and rocket tests have revealed the country's ability to deliver a satellite into space, there is doubt as to whether the satellite in question will be adequate for fulfilling reconnaissance requirements. South Korean analysts suggest the satellite produced by the state appears too small and poorly manufactured to support high-resolution images. Nevertheless, acquiring a spy satellite would be important for Kim's efforts to reinforce the country's defence as "US imperialists and (South) Korean puppet villains escalate their confrontational moves" against North Korea; its enemies are now boosting their nuclear deterrence strategies to deal with the threat from North Korea.
China calls Truss ‘dangerous’ as she issues warning on Taiwan visit

The Independent

23-05-17 08:41

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has criticised China for the threat it poses to both free societies such as Taiwan and the wider West. Speaking on her recent visit to Taiwan, she urged supporters of freedom and democracy to ensure the region was as protected as possible to dissuade China from taking it by force. China has accused Truss of indulging in dangerous political antics and has condemned the visit. Taiwan, which has been self-ruled since a civil war with the Chinese mainland after World War II, remains highly vulnerable to Beijing's aggression and military might.
Best Caribbean holidays and countries to visit

The Independent

23-05-17 08:08

Several Caribbean destinations are highlighted in an article aimed at enticing UK-based holidaymakers to the attractions of the region. Soufriere in St Lucia is cited as an ideal base for exploring the Twin Peaks of the Pitons, two Unesco World Heritage sites; as the location of the Diamond Falls botanical gardens, a source of natural pain relief; and as a hotbed of local cuisine, including green figs and salt fish. Other destinations highlighted in the report include Les Anses d’Arlet, Martinique; Nassau, the Bahamas; Bequia, St Vincent and Grenadines; and Speyside, Tobago.
Hopes for historic Pacific visit dashed after President Joe Biden cancels trip to Papua New Guinea

The Independent

23-05-17 07:09

US President Joe Biden has cancelled plans to visit Papua New Guinea (PNG), after announcing that he will focus on debt limit talks at home. Biden was expected to make a brief three-hour stopover as part of his tour of the region, making it the first visit by a US president to any Pacific Island nation. His planned trip coincided with a meeting of the Indian prime minister and Pacific Islands leaders to discuss economic cooperation, which will still take place. China has begun to exert influence in the Papua New Guinea region though providing infrastructure and services.
Vis­it­ing Tai­wan, ex-UK PM Liz Truss calls for tough line on Chi­na

Al Jazeera

23-05-17 06:40

Former British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has called on democratic countries to warn Beijing that consequences such as sanctions would be enforced if it were to attack Taiwan. Truss, who has described China as the “largest threat that we face to the free world” is currently on a five-day visit to Taiwan, where she has called for the creation of a formal NATO-style security alliance in the Asia Pacific to ensure regional security. Her calls come amid heightened tensions between Taiwan and China, with tensions being ramped up further during the global chip shortage.
Biden’s no-show a snub to a friend and a gift to a foe

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-17 06:22

US President Joe Biden's decision to cancel his visit to Australia for the Quad meeting due to disagreements over a US debt ceiling, has called into question the US as a reliable partner in the region and could further damage US/Asia-Pacific relations as it battles to restrict China's influence. Despite visiting Japan for a three-day G7 summit, the personal and public slap-in-the-face for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is viewed as a gift to China from the US, which has prompted Australia's media to question the US's ongoing commitment to the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue when it is really needed.
Biden’s no-show a snub to a friend and a gift to a rival

The Age

23-05-17 11:45

US President Joe Biden’s decision not to visit Australia for the Quad meeting risks sending a damaging message to the Asia-Pacific region about the US’ commitment to the area as it competes with China for influence. Biden cancelled his visit to Australia to attend Washington’s regular debt-ceiling and attend a G7 summit in Japan. His decision was influenced by the US Treasury warning it could run out of money to pay bills by June 1. Far more important than any hurt feelings caused, Australia’s hurt over Biden’s withdrawal from the Quad meeting and decision to snub the country along with Papua New Guinea provides weight to arguments that arrangements such as AUKUS and the Quad rely on US domestic politics and are not treated with due seriousness. Biden’s decision to cancel the visit was “a calculated snub to a friend and a gift to a rival,” and was a “slap in the face” to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who had staked much on the visit.