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Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa's diplomatic chops to be tested at U.N.

Japan Times

23-09-18 02:49

Japan's new foreign minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, has visited New York, marking her first overseas trip since taking office. Motegi's visit comes as Japan seeks to deepen its relationship with the United States and address issues such as trade and security. The trip is seen as a sign of Japan's commitment to maintaining strong ties with the US under the new leadership.
Chinese FM Wang Yi begins 4-day Russia visit for security talks

South China Morning Post

23-09-18 10:00

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has arrived in Russia for security talks ahead of a possible visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin next month. The visit comes amid growing tensions between China and the US and mounting pressure on Russia from the West since its invasion of Ukraine. Close neighbours and strategic partners, China and Russia have maintained close communication on major strategic and global issues of common interest. Wang's visit is expected to lay the groundwork for Putin's possible visit to Beijing, where he would join Chinese President Xi Jinping in the third Belt and Road summit.
Chinese foreign minister visits Russia day after Kim Jong-un leaves

The Independent

23-09-18 08:19

China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, is visiting Russia this week for security talks, following North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's recent visit to the country. The visit comes as Russia seeks support from its international allies in its conflict with Ukraine. Wang's visit will involve a "strategic security consultation" between China and Russia. Russia may be briefing Wang on the details of Kim and Putin's discussions, as Moscow may want China's support before making any major shifts in its relationship with North Korea. China and the US have conflicting views on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with China shifting closer to Russia and accusing the US of prolonging the conflict.
How to avoid medical purgatory when hospitalized in Japan

Japan Times

23-09-18 12:20

Preparing for a visit to the hospital may not be something most people want to think about, but it can help alleviate stress and worry. Just like preparing a legal will, being prepared for a hospital visit can ensure that your needs are met and that you have peace of mind.
China’s Top Diplomat Due in Moscow After Surprise U.S. Talks


23-09-18 11:53

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has met with White House officials during an unannounced stopover in Malta, ahead of his four-day visit to Russia. The meetings are seen as laying the groundwork for separate meetings between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as a potential meeting between Xi and US President Joe Biden at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco in November. The talks covered a range of topics, including Ukraine and global security, with both sides agreeing to expand high-level engagement in the coming months.
China top diplomat heads to Russia for 4-day talks

Deutsche Welle

23-09-18 10:43

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is embarking on a four-day trip to Russia to hold security talks and meet with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. The visit comes ahead of a possible visit to Beijing by Russian President Vladimir Putin next month. The Chinese Foreign Ministry described Wang's visit as a routine event aimed at promoting bilateral relations and conducting in-depth communication on important issues involving the strategic security interests of both countries. The visit is expected to pave the way for Putin's attendance at the third Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. However, Putin's foreign travel has been limited since an arrest warrant was issued against him by the International Criminal Court last March.
China's Wang Yi meets with Russia's Lavrov, eyeing Putin visit

Nikkei Asia

23-09-18 17:39

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow to discuss a possible visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin for October's Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. This would be the first meeting between the two leaders since Chinese President Xi Jinping's trip to Russia in March and would mark Putin's first visit to China since the Beijing Olympics in February 2022. Trade and energy agreements are expected to be discussed, as well as expanding military cooperation. China and Russia are both looking to hit back against the US, but appear divided on North Korea. Russia is believed to be seeking arms from North Korea, while China is wary of three-way military cooperation.
Princess of Wales surprised by inflating lifejacket on Royal Navy air base visit


23-09-18 15:04

During a visit to the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton in Somerset, the Princess of Wales tried on a lifejacket during an exercise with rescue and survival equipment. When she pulled the cord, the lifejacket quickly inflated, causing her to burst into laughter. Louise Evans-Hughes, a leading survival equipment technician, had warned the Princess that there might be a noise when the Velcro ripped open, but she was still apprehensive. The Princess opted to put on the lifejacket herself and was surprised by how snug it felt when inflated. During her visit, she also spent time in the air traffic control tower and spoke with the crew of a Wildcat helicopter.
Vietnam PM courts U.S. companies, seeks investment in chip sector


23-09-19 04:56

Vietnam's Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chinh, has urged US tech firms, including Nvidia and Synopsys, to invest more in the country's semiconductor industry. Chinh's visit to the US follows US President Joe Biden's recent trip to Hanoi, during which the two leaders announced plans to deepen cooperation in the chip industry. Chinh pledged to facilitate future investments by Nvidia and Synopsys in Vietnam, with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang expressing interest in collaborating in the areas of semiconductors, information technology, and artificial intelligence. US chipmaker Intel already has a major factory in Vietnam, with rival Amkor also building a facility there.
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to visit Canada this week: sources


23-09-19 13:24

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is set to visit Canada later this week after his visit to the United Nations and the U.S. He is expected to address the U.N. General Assembly to seek support in repelling Russia's invasion. President Joe Biden will also host Zelenskyy at the White House before his visit to Canada. Zelenskyy is expected to address Parliament in Ottawa and then travel to Toronto. This will be Zelenskyy's first visit to Canada since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022. The trip has not yet been officially announced.
Some Parisians unfazed by King Charles' visit to France


23-09-19 12:07

King Charles' state visit to France is seen as an opportunity to rebuild ties between the two countries, but some Parisians are unimpressed and miss the late Queen Elizabeth. Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, will be guests of honour at a state banquet in Versailles and will visit the Notre-Dame cathedral. The trip is also a chance to rebuild ties frayed by Brexit. However, Parisians remain sceptical and view Charles as less important and symbolic than his mother. In Britain, Charles is less popular than his mother, particularly among younger Britons who are more negative towards the monarchy.
Ukraine President Zelenskyy to visit Canada this week: sources

The Toronto Star

23-09-19 16:27

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is set to visit Canada this week, following his stops at the United Nations and the White House. While in Canada, Zelenskyy will address Parliament and visit Toronto. This visit comes amid Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, which is expected to be a major topic of discussion at the UN General Assembly. Zelenskyy is also scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden and congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. This will be Zelenskyy's first trip to Canada since the invasion began in February 2022.
More evacuation alerts issued for parts of southern B.C. as conditions could fuel late-season wildfire

The Globe and Mail

23-09-19 15:26

The Glen Lake wildfire in southern British Columbia has prompted evacuation alerts for most of the District of Peachland. The fire, suspected to be human-caused, has grown to nearly eight square kilometers since it started on Saturday. The Central Okanagan Regional District expanded evacuation alerts, but Peachland's downtown core and Beach Avenue neighborhoods are not included. Cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow are forecasted for the region, which could provide some relief to firefighters. Meanwhile, the Cariboo Regional District has replaced an evacuation order with an alert for communities around Horn Lake affected by the Hell Raving wildfire.
Ukraine latest: Zelenskyy tells U.N. that 'occupier must return to his own land'

Nikkei Asia

23-09-19 19:55

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly to stand united against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, calling for Moscow to be pushed back and for the world to turn its attention to global challenges. U.S. President Joe Biden also appealed to world leaders to stand with Ukraine against Russia, saying that Russia alone bears responsibility for the war and has the power to end it immediately. Meanwhile, Ukraine has appealed to three neighboring EU countries, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, to engage in "constructive dialogue" to resolve a dispute over agricultural trade. Ukraine has also taken the first step in a trade dispute with the World Trade Organization by filing a complaint against the restrictions imposed by the three countries. In addition, Ukraine has told the International Court of Justice in The Hague that Russia justified its war against Ukraine by invoking a "terrible lie" about an alleged genocide, calling on the court to decide that it has jurisdiction to hear the case fully and eventually rule that Russia must pay reparations.
King Charles heads to France for three-day state visit


23-09-19 23:13

King Charles and Queen Camilla will embark on a three-day state visit to France, aimed at improving relations between the two countries. The visit will include a state dinner at the Versailles palace, a visit to Notre-Dame cathedral to view restoration works, and a trip to an organic vineyard in Bordeaux. The king hopes to build on personal bonds with President Emmanuel Macron and rebuild ties that have been strained by Brexit. The visit comes after several tense years over negotiations for Britain’s exit from the EU and disputes over various issues.
Macron pulls out all the stops for King Charles III’s rescheduled state visit to France


23-09-20 04:00

King Charles and Queen Camilla of the UK will begin a state visit to France on Wednesday, following the postponement of the trip in March due to violent protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms. The royal couple will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, followed by discussions with Macron at the Elysee presidential palace. During their three-day visit, the couple will launch a new Franco-British literary prize and be present at an event highlighting the benefits of sport for young people. The visit will culminate in a state banquet at the Palace of Versailles. The event is seen as part of the UK government’s efforts to reset relations with European partners after Brexit. The visit to France follows a similar trip to Germany in November.
Macron rolls out red carpet for King Charles

Financial Times

23-09-20 03:00

King Charles will visit France for a three-day trip starting on Wednesday, in a bid to strengthen ties between the UK and France. The visit follows the cancellation of a trip earlier this year due to violent protests in France. The visit will include a wreath-laying ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe, a parade down the Champs Elysées, and a state dinner at the Palace of Versailles. The visit will also include discussions on biodiversity, climate change, and geopolitical issues. France is under pressure to secure high-profile events, including the Rugby World Cup and a visit from Pope Francis.
Rapport to the fore as king and Macron rebuild cross-Channel trust


23-09-20 12:03

King Charles and French President Emmanuel Macron are set to discuss a range of issues, including the war in Ukraine, military coups in the Sahel region of Africa, and artificial intelligence, during a three-day state visit to France. The visit marks a crucial reset of the UK-French relationship after years of tension during the Boris Johnson era. The king will also address French lawmakers, visit Notre Dame Cathedral, meet business leaders to discuss biodiversity, and travel to Bordeaux to meet emergency workers and communities affected by wildfires. The visit is seen as a follow-up to Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak’s efforts to repair the Paris-London relationship during a Franco-British summit earlier this year. The two leaders will discuss the climate crisis and biodiversity, and the banquet at the Palace of Versailles will feature a menu created by Michelin-starred chefs and a selection of French and English cheeses. The visit was originally scheduled for March but was postponed due to protests over Macron’s changes to the pensions system.
King Charles praises Franco-British friendship on state visit in France


23-09-21 09:45

King Charles emphasized the importance of the relationship between Britain and France during his state visit to France. In a speech to French lawmakers, he called for an extension of the "Entente Cordiale" and highlighted shared responsibility on issues such as Ukraine and climate change. Queen Camilla and French President Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte played table tennis together, and the royal couple visited a sports center and met with youngsters. King Charles also received a standing ovation for his speech, the first by a British monarch to representatives of both houses of the French parliament.
King addresses French voting chamber in first for British monarchy


23-09-21 09:15

King Charles will deliver a speech to French lawmakers and senators in the upper house of the French parliament on Thursday, marking the first time a British monarch has addressed a French voting chamber. The speech is expected to call for stronger ties between France and Britain as the two countries seek to reset their relationship. The king's visit to France is seen as a follow-up to efforts by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak to repair the Paris-London relationship at a Franco-British summit in March.