woman - Redfern to become first woman to stand as an umpire in a men’s first-class cricket match in Britain

Women are a diverse group of individuals who represent half of the world’s population. They come from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, and have contributed greatly to the development of societies throughout history. Women have played important roles in politics, economics, sciences, arts, and other fields, despite facing challenges such as discrimination, inequality, and violence. This article provides a detailed overview of the history, characteristics, accomplishments, issues, and perspectives related to women.

Women have been present in human societies since the beginning of time, but their roles have varied depending on the cultural and historical context. In many traditional societies, women were expected to fulfill domestic duties like raising children, cooking, and cleaning, while men were responsible for leadership, hunting, and fighting. However, there were also examples of female rulers, warriors, healers, and artists who challenged gender norms and gained respect and power. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China had female deities, philosophers, poets, and scientists who contributed to the intellectual and spiritual legacy of humanity.

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, women faced greater restrictions on their freedoms and opportunities due to religious and social beliefs. However, there were still notable female figures who made significant achievements, such as Hildegard von Bingen, Christine de Pisan, and Artemisia Gentileschi. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, women’s rights movements emerged in Europe and North America, advocating for suffrage, education, employment, and legal equality. Women such as Susan B. Anthony, Emmeline Pankhurst, Clara Zetkin, and Simone de Beauvoir became prominent advocates for women’s liberation and empowerment.

In the post-World War II era, women’s status and influence increased in many parts of the world, as they entered the workforce, gained education, and participated in politics and social movements. However, they also faced new challenges such as the persistence of gender stereotypes, the gender pay gap, sexual harassment, and reproductive rights violations. The contemporary women’s movement, often referred to as feminism, promotes gender equality and challenges the social, economic, and political systems that perpetuate discrimination and inequality.

Women are a diverse group in terms of their age, ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, and class, among other factors. However, there are some shared characteristics that are often associated with womanhood. For instance, women are generally deemed to have different physical and biological traits than men, such as reproductive capabilities, longer lifespan, and lower muscle mass. Women also tend to have different social and emotional experiences than men, shaped by their gender identity, relationships, and cultural expectations.

Women’s experiences and perspectives are shaped by intersectional factors such as race, class, and sexuality. Women of color often face multiple layers of discrimination and marginalization, as they confront both sexism and racism. Poor women often have fewer opportunities for education, health care, and employment, and are more vulnerable to poverty, violence, and exploitation. LGBTQ women face unique challenges related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, such as discrimination, harassment, and legal barriers to marriage and adoption.

Throughout history, women have achieved significant accomplishments in various fields, despite facing obstacles and prejudices. In the arts, many women have produced outstanding works of literature, music, painting, and film, such as Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Frida Kahlo, and Maya Angelou. In sciences, women have made significant contributions to fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy, although they have often been overlooked or excluded from the mainstream. Women such as Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, and Chien-Shiung Wu have won Nobel Prizes for their groundbreaking discoveries.

In politics, women have also made historic strides, becoming heads of state, ministers, and parliamentarians in many countries around the world. Some of the notable women politicians include Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, Tsai Ing-wen, and Kamala Harris. Women have also been active in social movements, labor unions, and human rights organizations, fighting for causes such as civil rights, environmental justice, reproductive freedom, and peace.

Despite the progress that women have made in many areas, they still face significant challenges and issues related to gender inequality and discrimination. One of the most pervasive forms of discrimination is violence against women, which includes rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual harassment. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives. Violence against women is often rooted in patriarchal attitudes and gender stereotypes, which justify men’s power and control over women.

Another major issue affecting women is the gender pay gap, which refers to the difference in earnings between men and women in the same occupation or industry. According to the United Nations, women earn on average 23% less than men globally, and they are more likely to work in informal, low-paying jobs. The gender pay gap is a result of various factors such as discrimination, occupational segregation, lack of family-friendly policies, and the undervaluation of women’s work.

Other issues that affect women include lack of access to education, health care, and political representation; reproductive rights violations such as forced sterilization, female genital mutilation, and denial of abortion; environmental and climate change impacts; and the perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes in media and culture. Addressing these issues requires a holistic approach that includes legal and policy reforms, awareness-raising campaigns, and community-led initiatives.

There are various perspectives on women and their roles and rights in society, influenced by cultural and ideological factors. Some religious or traditional perspectives emphasize women’s roles as wives and mothers, and may restrict their freedom and autonomy. Some conservative or anti-feminist perspectives view feminism as a threat to family values and the natural order of society, and oppose gender equality and women’s rights.

On the other hand, feminist perspectives seek to challenge and transform the patriarchal systems that restrict women’s potential and perpetuate inequality. Feminism encompasses a wide range of theories and practices, from liberal feminism that stresses legal and political equality to radical feminism that advocates for the abolition of gender altogether. Feminism also intersects with other social justice movements, such as anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, disability rights, and environmentalism, recognizing that women’s rights cannot be achieved in isolation from other issues of oppression and power.

Women are an essential and diverse part of our global community, contributing to every aspect of human life and culture. Despite facing challenges and obstacles related to gender inequality and discrimination, women have made significant accomplishments and advancements, from artistic and scientific achievements to political and social leadership. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality and justice for all women, regardless of their race, class, religion, or sexuality. It is essential that we recognize and celebrate the diversity and strength of women, while also addressing the structural and systemic barriers that prevent them from realizing their full potential.

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Man wanted after woman sexually assaulted on Toronto walking trail

The Toronto Star

23-05-16 15:53

Police in Toronto, Canada are searching for a man alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman whilst she was walking on the south end of Chine Drive. The man allegedly approached the woman following a verbal interaction, which was followed by an assault. On the following day, a similar interaction took place with a different woman, though she fled the area. Police issued a description of the attacker, hoping that the general public would help bring the individual to justice.

Chrissy Teigen thanks her team of four nannies in Mother’s Day tribute

The Independent

23-05-16 15:47

Chrissy Teigen has been lauded for including her team of four nannies in a Mother’s Day social media post. The model and cookbook author praised “all the people” who help take care of her three children with husband John Legend – daughters Luna, seven, and Esti, four months, and son Miles, four – in a slideshow post on Instagram showing her nannies posing with the children. The post gained widespread praise from fans, with some describing the acknowledgement of caregivers as “amazing” and others thanking Teigen for “showing the behind the scenes and highlighting your wonderful caregivers”.

Feminists criticise prison sentence for woman who murdered her rapist


23-05-16 15:23

Mexican feminist activists have decried the prison sentence to a six-year and two-month term handed down to Roxana Ruiz, who killed her rapist while attempting to defend herself. The 23-year-old stall attendant was found guilty of “excessive use of self-defence”, for strangling a man who had broken into her home and raped her. Ruiz’s lawyer has stated she will appeal the verdict, which also ordered her to pay damages and compensation of MXN286,000 ($13,400) to the victim’s family. The State of Mexico court accepted that Ruiz had been raped, but the judge concluded that a “blow on the head” would have been a sufficient defence against the attacker.

New head of Vatican charity Caritas looks to future after papal firings

The Toronto Star

23-05-16 14:52

A new leader of Catholic charity Caritas Internationalis has been named, after a period of turmoil led to the previous leadership team being ousted by Pope Francis. The new secretary-general of the charity, Alistair Dutton, claimed the new hierarchy would look forward to the future of its global aid mission, despite representatives from the charity’s national chapters expressing frustration with the Pope’s intervention. The president, vice presidents, secretary general, treasurer and ecclesiastical assistant to Caritas were all removed from their posts amid allegations of bullying at the charity’s Rome headquarters. Dutton, a former Jesuit novice from the UK, said that issues in the past had been acknowledged but that the general assembly was marked by optimism for the future. The charity’s new vice president is its first female representative, Kirsty Robertson of Australia, who said it was important to have women represented at all levels of the confederation.

Life-threatening injuries for woman and child


23-05-16 18:23

A toddler and a woman have suffered life-threatening injuries following a collision between a car and a lorry in Powys, Wales. The child was flown to Birmingham Children's Hospital for further treatment, whilst the woman was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The lorry driver was also injured, but his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The accident took place at around 11:00 BST on Tuesday. The incident is under investigation, with West Mercia Police appealing for witnesses.

Rapper Slowthai appears in court after rape charge


23-05-16 17:35

Rapper Slowthai, real name Tyron Kaymone Frampton, has appeared in court accused of two counts of raping a woman in September 2021. The 28-year-old, who was nominated for the best dance recording at the 2021 Grammy Awards, appeared before Oxford Magistrates' Court via video link from his Northampton home. He is expected to appear before Oxford Crown Court on 15 June.

‘Soap opera’: Fox Sports’ Paul Kent to contest charges he assaulted ex-girlfriend

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-17 00:22

Fox Sports NRL 360 commentator and journalist Paul Kent will fight charges of common assault and intentionally choking a person without consent brought against him. The 52-year-old former rugby league player allegedly assaulted his 33-year-old ex-girlfriend. Kent has been a vocal critic of players and public figures charged with drunken, disorderly or violent behaviour. He was stood down from his regular columns on NRL 360 and the Daily Telegraph while he deals with personal issues.

NRL journalist Paul Kent to fight assault case, police to lay further charge

The Sydney Morning Herald

23-05-17 00:22

Fox Sports journalist Paul Kent pleaded not guilty to a charge of assaulting a 33-year-old woman, but faces a further charge of assault. Stood down from his role with NRL 360, Kent, 52, sat in silence in Downing Centre Local Court as his lawyer submitted submissions denying the common assault charge and a further count of intentionally choking a person without consent. The journalist faces a hearing in December. Kent was also stood down from his weekly column for The Daily Telegraph, and his back catalogue of shows on NRL 360 were deleted from Kayo.

Woman dies after being shot multiple times while driving in Montreal

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 00:06

A woman was shot and killed while driving in the Côte-des-Neiges borough of Montreal. The shooting took place in a parking lot, and police say the vehicle was in motion when the woman was shot and subsequently collided with a building. The victim's identity is currently unknown, and the suspect fled on foot. Witnesses are being interviewed, and the major crimes unit and forensic identification technicians are investigating.

Montreal police investigating after woman fatally shot in her vehicle in Côte-des-Neiges district


23-05-16 22:36

A woman was shot and killed in her vehicle in Montreal on Tuesday afternoon. The incident took place in a parking lot in a neighbourhood called "The Triangle." Witnesses reported that the suspect fled on foot. Police have not made any arrests yet and have not provided further information on the victim's identity.

NYC ‘Karen’ placed on leave after falsely accusing Black man of theft

The Independent

23-05-17 05:01

A New York City health worker has been placed on leave amid allegations of falsely accusing a black man of bike theft. The worker, who has not been named, was captured on camera attempting to hijack a CitiBike that had already been paid for, according to reports. The video was widely shared on social media, resulting in the health worker being placed on leave by Bellevue Hospital.

Decoupling Is the Ultimate Missed Expectation


23-05-17 04:24

The pandemic has created the wrong sort of decoupling for emerging markets, hurting their performance over the past three years, warns John Authers in Bloomberg Opinion. However, he added "none of this means that there won’t be a decoupling; but it’s not going to be the panacea that many have long wanted it to be". If China becomes the pole of what is effectively a different financial system, reshoring and deglobalisation will create opportunities in the emerging world, but it will also make them much harder to take advantage of, warns Authers. Nevertheless, these markets are experiencing some signs of recovery after a decade of underperformance, following the brief bull market which came to an end in the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.

Meanwhile, there is concern over the budget strategies of the US. Ted Decker, CEO of Home Depot, expects comparable sales to drop as much as 5% this fiscal year — the first annual decline in 14 years. Despite problems so far being driven by unusual conditions such as the price of lumber falling, according to Authers, if the recession risks loom larger over the US economy, and workforces normalize with new return-to-office policies, then support will fade for such firms that have been doing so well during the pandemic’s economic conditions. This would spell the end of the trends that Authers calls the home-building boom, e-commerce and working from home/home improvement.

Woman ‘duped girlfriend of two years into believing she was a man’

The Independent

23-05-17 08:41

Blade Silvano is on trial accused of pretending to be a man during a two-year, ostensibly heterosexual relationship with a woman who only discovered her true gender after they had sexual intercourse twice and had planned to get married. Prosecutors allege in Cambridge Crown Court that Silvano's deception was sophisticated, with Silvano using an "unknown item" during sex and keeping T-shirt and boxers on. Silvano denies the charges.

Starbucks praised for new gender-inclusive ad starring trans model

The Independent

23-05-17 13:10

A new ad by Starbucks celebrating inclusivity and gender identity has attracted five million views on Twitter. The Indian ad shows a young transwoman called Arpita reuniting with estranged parents in a Starbucks café, where a barista announces, “Three cold coffees for Arpita”, her new name being the only difference from her birth name, which began with A. The ad has made a star of its star, 25-year-old trans model Siya, and has been praised on Twitter, including by one user who called it “one of the best and most touching ads I’ve seen in my life”.

Man charged with murder over double stabbing


23-05-17 09:41

A man has been charged with the murder of Steven Harnett, 25, and Katie Higton, 27, who were found fatally injured at a house in Huddersfield. Marcus Osbourne, 34, is due to appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court charged with two counts of murder and one count of assault and detaining a woman against her will. The force has confirmed its investigations are ongoing.

Woman in critical condition after car crash


23-05-17 09:31

A woman in her 60s has been critically injured in a car accident in St Martin.

Vancouver police say woman assaulted on busy beach by man claiming to be masseuse

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 16:00

A woman who was sunbathing at English Bay on Sunday evening was sexually assaulted by a man allegedly claiming to be a massage therapist. The suspect is described as a South Asian man with a medium build, aged in his 30s, who was wearing a black hat, sunglasses, beige cargo shorts, and a white and blue striped shirt. His picture cannot be released as investigations continue. Police officers would like to speak to those attending the event that might have seen him massaging others at the beach.

Two shooting deaths within 12 hours in Montreal, eighth and ninth homicides of year

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 14:55

Police in Montreal are investigating two separate shootings that left a man and a woman dead on 16 May. The first shooting occurred in the parking lot of a shopping centre in the Côte-des-Neiges area of the city, where a 39-year-old woman was killed. The second shooting occurred less than 12 hours later in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district of the city, where a 28-year-old man was found shot dead. Montreal has already recorded nine homicides so far in 2023.

Prince Harry and Meghan involved in ‘near catastrophic’ car chase from photographers: spokesperson

The Toronto Star

23-05-17 14:50

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have been involved in a "near catastrophic" car chase in New York caused by paparazzi, according to a spokesperson. While police reportedly have no comment, the spokesperson declared that the "relentless" two-hour pursuit endangered the lives of police, pedestrians and other motorists, and called for an end to intrusive photography. The couple were reportedly being driven with Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, after she watched the Duchess accept the Woman of Vision Award for global advocacy and empowering women and girls.