WTO Chief Sounds Alarm on Global Trade Fragmentation;Shanghai AI Startup Predicts Trillion-Parameter时长0:0:0

节目标题:WTO Chief Sounds Alarm on Global Trade Fragmentation;Shanghai AI Startup Predicts Trillion-Parameter
节目介绍:Welcome to our Chinese Finance and Economy Briefing program. Today, we’re diving into some hot topics shaping the global economic landscape. First up, the World Trade Organization’s director general has raised concerns about increasing protectionism and fragmentation in global trade. With tariffs being slapped on Chinese electric vehicles by the EU and the US, the potential for a costly breakdown in global trade is looming large. The WTO estimates that this could cost the global economy a staggering $7.4 trillion in lost output in the long run. Next, we move to the world of artificial intelligence, where Shanghai-based startup Stepfun is making waves. The founder believes that large language models (LLMs) will eventually scale to hundreds of trillions of parameters, despite China’s current disadvantages in investment and advanced chips. Stepfun has already launched a trillion-parameter model and aims to unify generative and comprehension capabilities within a single framework. Lastly, let’s talk about Indonesia’s ambitious plans to become a key player in the electric vehicle industry. The country’s efforts are being complicated by the re-emergence of industrial policy and economic protectionism, particularly with recent tariffs on Chinese EV exports. However, this shift is also expected to spur the development of Indonesia’s domestic EV ecosystem. Please stay tuned for more detailed coverage.

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