Zelensky - Polish official wants Canada to extradite Ukrainian veteran of Nazi unit

U.S. touts commitment to Ukraine despite battlefield challenges

Washington Post

23-09-19 17:13

The Biden administration called for increased air-defense donations to Ukraine on Tuesday, as Pentagon leaders vowed to sustain weapons supplies that Western nations hope will fuel a breakthrough in the country’s slow-going offensive against Russia. Officials from more than 50 countries gathered here to discuss sourcing future military aid to Kyiv, now in the fourth month of a counteroffensive that so far has achieved only modest success in piercing thick, deadly defenses laid over the past year by Russian troops.

As Zelensky arrives at U.N. to pitch for support, Russian drones hit Lviv

Washington Post

23-09-19 15:47

Russian forces launched a missile and drone attack on Ukrainian cities, including Lviv, ahead of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's address to the UN General Assembly. Zelensky's attendance at the General Assembly is an attempt to gather global support as Ukraine's Western backers grow concerned about the slow pace of the counteroffensive against Russian forces. Despite concerns about a protracted conflict, some countries have been reluctant to enforce Western sanctions against Russia due to economic and diplomatic ties. In the US, some lawmakers are questioning the cost of continuing support to Ukraine.

Biden acknowledges the old world order needs a refresh


23-09-19 21:55

President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations Tuesday and urged the world to stand by Ukraine. At times, it felt like he was also imploring the countries to stick with the United Nations. "If we abandon the core principles of the UN charter to appease an aggressor, can any member state in this body feel confident that they are protected?" Biden asked. Read the UN charter here. It was agreed to in a very different world -- in San Francisco in 1945 -- with different global powers, different threats and different economies. Ukraine, at the time a member of the Soviet Union, was also a founding member of the UN. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made his first in-person address to the UN General Assembly since Russia invaded his country. He wanted to drive home that negotiating with Russia would equal failure. "The aggressor is weaponizing many other things, and those things are used not only against our country, but against all of yours as well, fellow leaders," Zelensky said. Multiple top world leaders skipped the meeting this year, including President Vladimir Putin of Russia, which is a villain for invading Ukraine, but also a permanent member of the UN Security Council with veto power over any resolutions it opposes. Of the five permanent Security Council members - the US, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom - Biden is the only leader to attend.

Evening Update: India expels Canadian diplomat following allegations over killing of Sikh activist in B.C.

The Globe and Mail

23-09-19 20:59

India has responded to Canada expelling a senior Indian diplomat by expelling a senior Canadian diplomat, claiming the allegations that New Delhi was involved in the killing of a Sikh activist on Canadian soil are “absurd” and “unsubstantiated”. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to provide hard evidence of the allegations, which have led to a chill in Indo-Canadian relations. The killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia, was allegedly carried out by “agents of the government of India”. Meanwhile, Canada’s annual inflation rate rose to 4% in August, up from 3.3% in July. The central bank is now under pressure to increase interest rates after announcing a pause on tightening monetary policy earlier this year. The annual rate is well above the bank’s 2% target.

Wednesday Briefing: Zelensky’s Warning at the U.N.

NY Times

23-09-19 20:52

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the UN General Assembly that Russia's aggression would not end at Ukraine's borders. He said the goal of the war against Ukraine was to turn it, its people, resources and land into a weapon against the international rules-based order. Zelensky added that Russia was weaponizing essentials such as food and energy "not only against our country, but against all of yours, as well." The US president, Joe Biden, also condemned Russia's "naked aggression", warning that if Ukraine was "carved up", the independence of other nations would be in danger. Meanwhile, 50 defence ministers and other top officials were meeting in Germany to discuss providing military aid to Ukraine. The US defence secretary said US-made Abrams battle tanks would shortly arrive in Ukraine.

Zelensky urges unity in dramatic UN address


23-09-19 20:52

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly urging a global front against Russian aggression. Zelensky accused Russian leaders of terrorism and genocide, specifically citing the removal of Ukrainian children from the country. Russia has admitted to forcibly deporting Ukrainian children and placing them in Russian families. Zelensky also accused Russia of weaponizing the global food trade and turning other countries' power plants into "dirty bombs." He warned other nations about "shady" cooperation with Russia and referred to the recent death of Russian Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. Zelensky is scheduled to meet with US President Joe Biden and travel to Washington later this week.

Politics Briefing: Poilievre urges Trudeau to reveal evidence of India’s role in killing of Canadian Sikh leader

The Globe and Mail

23-09-19 20:31

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should provide evidence that the Indian government was behind the assassination of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, according to opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. Trudeau announced on Monday that Canada had credible intelligence linking India to Nijjar's killing and expelled the Indian High Commission's top foreign intelligence officer. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has denied the allegations and responded by expelling a Canadian diplomat. The allegations have resulted in a deterioration in Indo-Canadian relations.

Zelensky tells Trump to share idea on ending Ukraine war now

The Independent

23-09-19 23:13

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has criticized former US President Donald Trump for his promises to swiftly end the Russian invasion in Ukraine without providing any specific details. Zelensky expressed concern that Trump's idea of peace would involve ceding territory to Russia. Trump had previously claimed that he could end the Ukraine war in a matter of days or hours by facilitating negotiations between Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Zelensky's comments come as he is in the US for the United Nations General Assembly and a series of meetings in Washington.

Biden and Lula try to find common cause, despite their differences

Washington Post

23-09-20 04:00

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and US President Joe Biden have called for a return to multilateralism at the UN General Assembly. Lula, attending the event for the first time since 2009, celebrated Brazil's renewed global standing after four years of Jair Bolsonaro's unpredictable rule, which was widely criticised. Biden, meanwhile, used his speech to repudiate former President Donald Trump's "America First" policy. Both leaders highlighted the challenges of climate change and economic inequality, but Lula also criticised the US over its blockade of Cuba and said that great power competition had exacerbated inequalities. Biden, on the other hand, focused on Russia's invasion of Ukraine and called on the international community to support Kyiv. While Lula and his allies believe that the conflict reflects a broader conflict between Russia and the West, Biden and his allies have accused Russia of being solely responsible for the war. On Wednesday, Biden and Lula will focus on workers' rights, with the aim of convening a focus group to discuss the future of the working class.

Putin ‘weaponising’ food as troops target cargo ship in Black Sea

The Independent

23-09-20 07:30

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russian society has "raised a second Hitler" in a powerful speech delivered at the UN General Assembly. Zelensky urged the world to unite against Russian aggression and claimed that Russia was using tactics more catastrophic than nuclear destruction. He argued that while nuclear weapons remain in place, the "mass destruction is gaining its momentum" through the weaponization of food, energy, and children. Zelensky's speech comes ahead of a face-to-face meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the UN Security Council, where Zelensky is due to speak about Ukraine.

Zelensky’s speech at the UN General Assembly emphasized the need for collaboration and peace in the face of Russian aggression. He accused Russia of using tactics that are more destructive than nuclear weapons, claiming that food, energy, and children are being weaponized. Zelensky’s warning about the dangers of Russian aggression comes ahead of a meeting with Lavrov, where tensions are expected to be high. In their last encounter at the UN Security Council, Lavrov called Zelensky a derogatory name and stormed out of the room.

Zelensky’s speech and upcoming meeting with Lavrov highlight the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainian president is calling for international unity against Russia and warning of the catastrophic consequences of Russian aggression. As tensions continue to escalate, it remains to be seen how the international community will respond and what actions will be taken to address the situation.


Zelensky says UN incapable of stopping Putin’s ‘criminal aggression’

The Independent

23-09-21 04:15

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the United Nations (UN) of being incapable of preventing aggressors from invading other countries, specifically referring to Russia's "criminal and unprovoked aggression" against Ukraine. Zelensky made his comments during a special meeting of the UN Security Council, where he called for reform of the General Assembly and Security Council to address Russia's aggression. He proposed removing Russia's veto power on the Security Council and expanding the membership to include Germany and the African Union, among others. Zelensky argued that the UN has failed to defend the sovereign borders of nations and that humankind no longer pins its hopes on the organization for defense. He called for efforts to protect territorial integrity, sovereignty, human rights, and prevent aggression and genocide to be centered in the General Assembly and Security Council.

Zelensky’s criticism of the UN comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to escalate. The meeting at the UN Security Council was significant as it marked the first face-to-face encounter between Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambassador to the UN since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Zelensky accused Russia of violating the norms of war and the UN Charter itself with its aggression. He called for international support to end Russia’s war on Ukraine and emphasized the need for reform within the UN to address the ongoing conflict.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. Since then, fighting has continued in Eastern Ukraine, leading to thousands of deaths and displacements. The UN Security Council has met numerous times to discuss the situation, but its ability to take action has been hindered by Russia’s veto power. Zelensky’s call for reform aims to address this issue and ensure that the UN can effectively respond to acts of aggression and protect the sovereignty of nations.


To endure a long war, Ukraine is remaking its army, economy and society


23-09-21 10:14

Ukraine is preparing for a long war with Russia, making significant changes to its military planning, economy, and society. To build its own capability, Ukraine is rebuilding its arms industry, which has been severely damaged since the Soviet era. The government is encouraging private arms manufacturers and is willing to pay local firms in advance if they can demonstrate their ability to make useful equipment. Ukraine is also focusing on developing its drone industry, hoping to win in a technological war. The country is increasing its production of reconnaissance drones and plans to produce 120 to 150 times more drones than last year. Ukrainian strategists are also adopting new tactics, taking the war inside Russia and targeting military factories and infrastructure to disrupt supply chains and shatter the facade of normality in Russia. Ukraine is also aiming to deter Russian attacks on its own infrastructure. In order to cope with a long war, Ukraine's economy will need a drastic overhaul. The government plans to improve the business climate and foster industry to help the economy grow. Ukraine is also trying to lure back Ukrainians who have left the country by offering startup grants for businesses and subsidised mortgages for those rebuilding homes. However, the exodus of Ukrainians is not only an economic cost but also a social one. An outflow of people from Ukraine could create further economic problems and widen the gap between those who left and those who stayed.

Zelensky faces a more splintered GOP as he returns to Capitol Hill looking for aid


23-09-21 09:00

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to meet with US President Joe Biden and lawmakers in Congress this week, however, the political landscape has changed since his last visit. When Zelensky last visited Congress, Democrats controlled the House and public support for funding the war effort in Ukraine was higher. However, this time, the Ukrainian president will return to Congress to face a new speaker who has yet to promise future aid to Ukraine. Furthermore, a CNN poll in August found that the majority of Americans are now opposed to authorizing more funding for Ukraine, with opposition soaring to 71% among Republicans. Inside House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s conference, the question of helping Ukraine is being framed by isolationists as a choice between helping Americans or helping Ukraine. “Our people cannot afford their electric bills, their gas bills and their food bills and before we send blank checks to some other country, we need to take care of our own people,” said Rep. Scott Perry, a conservative Republican from Pennsylvania. A strong coalition of GOP support for Ukraine funding remains on Capitol Hill, such as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, although some Republicans argue that President Biden should do more to sell the importance of the war effort to the public and to ensure that members of Congress are kept in the loop on the impact of the funding they are appropriating.

GOP Lawmakers Warn White House on Ukraine Aid as Zelensky Visits


23-09-21 09:00

A group of Republican lawmakers has vowed to oppose President Biden’s request for an additional $24 billion in aid for Ukraine. In a letter, the group argues that it is rejecting the request due to concerns about the more than $100 billion in funding already approved by Congress, an “open-ended commitment” to Ukraine, and an unclear strategy. The lawmakers say that they will block or at least delay procedural steps needed to bring any Ukraine funding measure to the Senate and House floors for votes.

GOP Lawmakers Warn White House on Ukraine Aid as Zelensky Visits Washington


23-09-21 09:00

A group of Republican lawmakers is opposing President Joe Biden's request for an additional $24bn in aid for Ukraine. The lawmakers argue that the administration supports an “open-ended commitment” to Ukraine and lacks a clear strategy. The group's letter, signed by 23 House members and six senators, could delay or block procedural steps needed to bring a funding measure to the Senate and House floors. President Volodymyr Zelensky is in Washington this week to discuss further support for Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russia.

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Zelensky to hit White House, Congress and Pentagon on whirlwind day

Washington Post

23-09-21 08:58

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is set to meet with President Biden during his third visit to the White House. Zelensky's visit comes as he seeks support from Washington amid Ukraine's ongoing counteroffensive. President Biden is also seeking approval for $24 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The Evening: Zelensky at Security Council, Fed Holds Steady, Say You Love Me, and More


23-09-21 13:52

Zelensky Calls on UN to Revoke Russia’s Veto Speaking before the UN Security Council, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said Russia should lose its veto power. The Russian foreign minister later suggested that the U.S. could “command” Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow, as the NYT reports. Fed Holds Steady Federal Reserve officials voted to hold interest rates steady at a 22-year high but signaled they were prepared to raise rates once more this year to combat inflation, as the WSJ reports. Biden Invites Netanyahu to White House President Biden on Wednesday invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington before the end of the year, granting the Israeli leader a visit he has coveted while reiterating his concerns about Netanyahu’s changes to Israel’s judicial system as, The Washington Post reports. Executive Education Beyond the Battlefield: Global Implications of Russia's War in Ukraine breaks down how the February 2022 invasion and concomitant sanctions have been altering national and regional security in Russia, on the European continent, and the United States. Audio Briefs CSIS experts give short, spoken-word summaries on the biggest takeaways from their latest reports, white papers, and commentaries—in their own words. Listen here: "Aligning Ambitions" with CSIS's Allegra Dawes. In That Number 60 A new UN treaty to protect the world's oceans is expected to be signed by at least 60 countries on Wednesday, another step in the efforts to reverse the damage done to fragile marine environments by overfishing and other human activities. Source: Reuters Critical Quote

It is impossible to stop the war because all actions are vetoed by the aggressor. — President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine

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Top experts, including CSIS’s Dr. Jon Alterman and former Iraqi president Dr. Barham Salih, make the case for why the Middle East is at an inflection point, and CSIS previews the Middle East Transformation Initiative. The Andreas C. Dracopoulos iDeas Lab at CSIS enhances our research with the latest in cutting-edge web technologies, design, and multimedia. Optics

President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks to the UN Security Council on the war in Ukraine in a meeting during the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2023, in New York City. Recommended Reading “Advanced Technology: Examining Threats to National Security” by CSIS’s Gregory C. Allen before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee. This Town Upcoming Tomorrow, at 8:00 a.m., the CSIS Project on Prosperity and Development hosts the first day of the two-day “Doing Business in Ukraine Conference” featuring Ukrainian leaders from the private sector and government to discuss Ukrainian trade opportunities with the U.S. and G-7 allies. On Tuesday, at 8:45 a.m., U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken joins CSIS for a keynote address at the 8th annual ROK-U.S. Strategic Forum. Then, on Wednesday, at 9:00 a.m., the CSIS Americas Program holds a conversation on Latin America’s start-up culture and its entrepreneurial landscape. Video This morning, the CSIS Project on Trade and Technology and the Economics Program reviewed New Zealand’s host year of CPTPP and discussed the future of trade in the Indo-Pacific. Watch the full video here. Podcasts

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Zelensky visits Washington, says air defence aid ‘top issue’

South China Morning Post

23-09-21 13:32

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in Washington to hold talks with US President Joe Biden on securing more US weapons. Zelensky said that air defence is a priority for Ukraine, as Russia hit cities across Ukraine with a barrage of missiles ahead of the talks. Zelensky also faces the task of wooing Congress, where Ukraine's hopes are hostage to the drama over a looming government shutdown. The White House said the Ukrainian leader's visit comes at a "really critical time" as Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russian forces continues.

Poland says it will stop arming Ukraine. How did we get here – and what does it mean for the war?


23-09-21 13:00

Poland has announced that it will no longer send arms to Ukraine, a major blow to Ukraine's efforts to counter Russia. The decision comes after tensions between Poland and Ukraine over a temporary ban on Ukrainian grain imports to several European Union countries. Poland has been a key ally of Ukraine, sending fighter jets and tanks to support its efforts. However, Poland's government has become increasingly confrontational towards Ukraine in recent months, leading to this decision. The move could have implications for Ukraine's ongoing assault against Russian forces, as most Western military equipment and supplies reach Ukraine through Poland. Poland will now only carry out agreed supplies of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine that were agreed before the decision to stop shipments. The decision by Poland comes at a critical time for Ukraine, as it is attempting to push Russian forces out of its southern regions. The move is seen as a major reversal and threatens to upend Europe's strategic relationship with Ukraine.

Russia bombards power facilities across Ukraine ahead of Zelensky’s meeting with Biden


23-09-21 12:47

Ukraine experienced a series of deadly missile attacks by Russia, targeting energy facilities in Kyiv and other cities, just hours before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was scheduled to meet US President Joe Biden. Two people died in Kherson, and seven were injured in Kyiv, including a 9-year-old girl. The attacks caused damage to power facilities and resulted in blackouts in several areas. Ukrainian air defenses shot down 36 of the 43 missiles launched by Russia. The attacks occurred as Kyiv reached the 1,000-hour mark of air raid alarms since the start of the Russian invasion.